Read One Piece Manga Chapter 370


After entering the carriage, Sogeking explains to Robin that both Sanji and Franky are on the ship and are helping by distracting the others on the ship. He continues by informing her of the others who are also on their way to help save them. At this, Robin interrupts him and tells him that he can’t leave and is informed that not only is Iceburg alive, but he also told them about her real reasons for leaving the crew. As the pair begin to score their points, they are interrupted by a knock on the door. Corgi enters the room and it is revealed that Sogeking is hiding under Robin’s cloak and he immediately becomes suspicious but ignores him.
In the fourth car, Sanji continues to fight Wanzo, who instantly recharged from using his Ramen Suit. It turns out that not only has he become stronger, but he can catch Sanji when he attacks him. In this, he decides to attack Wanze’s face, but uses another attack to block it, explaining that he has no weaknesses at all and that he already knows Sanji’s fighting style. However, Sanji starts using the chef’s knives, explaining that since they’re in the kitchen and the weapon he’s up against is food, he could use his hands.
Meanwhile, Franky and Nero begin their battle and both seem to be on par with each other. Both are suspicious of the others fighting and fighting back as Puffing Tom is revealed to be twenty minutes away from reaching Enies Lobby.

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