Read One Piece Manga Chapter 372


Rocketman continues on his way to Enies Lobby while those on board try to pass the time by discussing what they just witnessed. They are then interrupted by Luffy, who warns them that there is a train ahead, but the others are immediately suspicious as it is too early to catch up. It turns out to be Puffing Tom’s last two cars, and since they can’t stop the train, Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Rocket to propel himself towards the train to check if there are any allies on board. Once he lands, he signals to Rocketman that there are no allies on board, only government officials. When Zambai suggests that he immediately dismantle the cars as they pass by to avoid a crash, Luffy calls Zoro and tells him to cut the cars up as they are in the way.
Zoro obligingly slices the cars in half with Nitoryu Iai: Rashomon, shocking everyone aboard Rocketman and the uninjured passengers of the carriages, allowing them to easily pass by without crashing. As Zoro notices the defeated Sea Kings in front of him, he realizes that someone stronger is nearby and dons a scarf. Ahead, T Bone continues to make his way back to Puffing Tom, but notices the Sea Train behind him, meaning something has happened to the cars he left behind. As he prepares to attack, he is easily defeated by Zoro using Santoryu: Gyuki: Yuzume and Rocketman continues forward.

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