Read One Piece Manga Chapter 372


Franky and Nero continue their battle on Puffing Tom’s roof. Neru uses Rankyaku: Dream which Franky blocks with his Star Shield. Nero notes that Franky can’t be human. Franky shoots a barrage of nails from his mouth and makes Nero dodge using Gepp. Noticing that he didn’t handle Shigan, Nero pulls out a couple of pistols as Franky tries to move to the next car. Franky reveals that he tricked Nero into rushing him to attack him, turning around and using Beans Left. Avoiding the attack, Nero appeared behind Franky and stated that he had figured him out and fired his pistols at Franky’s back, causing him pain and calling Franky’s back his weakness. Franky tries to use Ouch Finger, but Nero dodges with Soru and uses a Rankyak, which Franky dodges. To ease his weakness, Franky decided to lie on his back. Franky asks Nero if he’s heard of the centaur, and uses Franky the Centaur to comically transform into a “reverse” Centaur.
Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Sanji destroys both of the Ramen Suit’s arms and as Wanze tries to attack with his legs, the legs are also destroyed before the entire suit is cut to pieces. It is then that Sanji starts constantly kicking Wanza while he insults Robin, to the point of completely changing his appearance. Sanji says that Wanze committed three crimes: calling himself a cook, wasting food, and speaking ill of his friend. Unhappy with his new look, Wanze attacks Sanji again, but is sent to the other car where the CP9s are.

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