Read One Piece Manga Chapter 337


Luffy continues to make his way to the front gate with ease using a new move where he controls the marine’s arms and legs. Thinking they have the better of him, he easily dodges their attacks and continues his journey straight through the main gate to the main island.
Spandam is shocked by this question if he defeated Oima and Kashia, however it is learned that they are still asleep and the marines are supposed to wake the pair up. As the conversation ends, the Franky Family and Galley-La Company invade the island, easily defeating many of the marines in the process. When they reach the gates, they try to open them, but eventually succeed and walk through.
As they are about to reach the main gates, Oimo and Kashii appear and are revealed to be two giants working as gate guards. Meanwhile, Luffy is seen completely surrounded by over ten thousand men.

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