Read One Piece Manga Chapter 378


Oimo and Kashii prepare to attack the Franky family to prevent them from infiltrating the main island of Enies Lobby. The Kairiki destroyers attempt to match the giants’ strength. However, they are easily defeated by them despite being the strongest members of the Franky Family. Despite this, they are determined to open the gate and try their best to defeat the pair, but their attempts fail. Just when it looks hopeless, Sodom and Gomorrah arrive and take down Kashia with the assistance of Paulie, Zambai, Moza and Kiwi.
Meanwhile, Spandam hears a damage report from one of the marines stationed somewhere on the island, but is knocked out before he can make a proper report. This causes Spandam to believe that there were only five victims, not five hundred. Immediately after, he is told that the other members of CP9 have arrived.
After five minutes of waiting, those still on Rocketman prepare to crash into Enies Lobby.

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