Read One Piece Manga Chapter 381


The chapter begins with one of the World Government agents recognizing Zoro as one of Luffy’s subordinates. Sanji laughs and says that Zoro is a subordinate. Zoro comments that it’s better than being the nameless Pirate A. Sanji gets angry and makes Zoro call him Pirate B instead. Sanji retorts that if he got the reward, it would be double Zoro’s. Sogeking tells them to stop fighting and Chopper tells him not to mind. Just then, the agent notices Usopp and Chopper and identifies them as the criminals from the train. Government agents target Rocketman with bazookas. Sanji tells them not to since Nami is still inside. Sogeking gets tangled up during the commotion, causing his mask to fall off. Usopp quickly grabs the mask and puts it back on, quickly telling Chopper that he’s fine after asking him if he’s okay.
The agents then cease fire as Kokoro, Gonbe and Chimney are standing in front of them, not wanting to shoot civilians. They lie and say that the pirates forced them to take them to Enies Lobby. One of the Franky Family asks if the hostage could be more drunk than Kokoro. After one marine realizes they almost shot a hostage, he comments on how shameless the Straw Hats are. One of them then notices something strange about the smoke still billowing from Rocketman’s funnel. It floats in the air rather than rises. It turns out to be a cloud created by Nami under the cover of smoke. Sanji is glad that Nami is safe. Nami comments on how amazing her new Clima-Tact is compared to the old one. He then uses Thunderbolt Tempo, forcing her to jump out of the way. Nami then hits Usopp in the head, angry that the weapon injures both friend and foe. Confused as to why Nami hit Sogeking, Chopper said to call it a hunch. Sogeking said that it was her fault for using it so recklessly and that “Usopp” never suggested it be used like that. He then notes how powerful it is as it has taken out several agents. Unfortunately, Zoro and Sanji were also hit by the blast, and Zoro yells at Nami saying that she hit them too. Sanji said it reminded him of when they first met. Nami told Usopp to apologize and Usopp said that she should apologize. Franky’s family is surprised by Nami’s strength and calls her one of the Straw Hats’ main fighters. Zoro asks where Luffy could be, Nami replies that she is not sure as the island is quite large. While thinking about the best place to start, an explosion occurs on the roof and everyone suggests starting there in unison.
The scene changes to the central island of Enies Lobby, where Luffy battles hordes of marines and government agents, leaving destruction in his wake. After using Gomu Gomu no Spear on the agent, he jumps into a tree. In the tree, Luffy comments on how annoying and endless the soldiers are. Luffy then notices the soldiers moving away and wonders if they are leaving. It turns out that half of the soldiers went to the front gate to deal with the intruders there. Luffy is excited to hear that his friends have arrived, saying how much fun it should be now. The Marine then fires a bazooka at the tree. Luffy escapes by running to the roof of a building, causing someone to tell the Marine that he missed.
Back at the front gate, the law enforcement unit arrived. Nami and Usopp are scared while Zoro, Sanji and Chopper stand their ground. Paulie then calls out to them, arriving at Sodom and yelling for them to get on. Nami and Usopp are happy to be saved. Paulie then tells them to remember why they are there and that they are not where they should be. Sanji realizes he’s right because fighting everyone would keep them there until sunset. Paulie throws them all the ropes and tells them he’s charging forward. The Marines and Agents step aside as the Bull King charges over them. Gomorrah follows with the Franky Family. At the top, Rocketman Kokoro cheers them on. Hou no Banken Butai then tries to board the royal bulls. Paulie tells Sanji to hold the ropes and give a message to Lucca, Kaku, and Kalifa: You’re fired. Zoro smiles and says of course they will. Paulie then dispatches the dogs with a Half Knot Air Drive. The agents are upset that the dogs were defeated and send more on them. Peepley Lulu, Paulie and Tilestone jumped up and dealt with them quite easily. The agent is shocked to see how easily the dogs were defeated. Paulie tells the Straw Hats and the Franky Family to leave the agents to them.

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