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The chapter begins in the Tower of Justice where a government agent is running up the stairs. Spandam sits on a chair in the great room and performs Golden Den Den Mushi to Funkfreed. He explains how he activates the Buster Call and that only a Marine with the rank of Admiral or higher can have it. It is a rare species and he said that Aokiji gave it to him. He then gets ahead of himself and says that if the Ancient Weapons were to be revived, he would be the one in charge of the Buster Call and commanding the Marines. He points to a button on a snail shell and says that just press the button and the island will be destroyed. Then he laughs at how authority can be used as a weapon. A government agent bursts in and holds the common Den Den Mushi. Spandam is so surprised that he tells the agent that he almost pressed the button by accident and that the agent should knock. The agent apologizes and tells Spandam that he has an emergency call from the main island. Spandam wonders why the phone in the room didn’t ring and realizes that someone picked it up, much to his annoyance. He walks over to where Robin and Franky are tied up. He tells them about the emergency, that it’s probably nothing serious, but invites them to make some predictions with him. He tells them that the straw pirates defeated the five soldiers and wonders aloud what happened to Luffy. She wonders how much Oimo and Kashii trampled on her friends. He said they will obey their destiny. Franky calls him scum, Spandam tells him to be quiet. Spandam calls the guards on Den Den Mushi. The person on the other line seemed relieved to hear Spandam so they could finally report. Spandam told him to calm down and asked him to tell him about the Straw Hat Pirates and asked if they had been killed. The agent replies that about sixty pirates have invaded the island and that they have reached the front square of the courthouse, the last part of the island’s mainland.
The scene changes to a square with a marine ordering all available units to arrive on the Enies Lobby land. Zambai praises Gomora for getting them this far. Zoro and Sanji stood in front of the collapsed Gomora and the Franky Family dismounted from the royal bull and stood on the ruins. Zoro asks Sanji if he could see Luffy. The cook says no. Nami, Zoro, Sanji, and Chopper stand outside the door to the courthouse, considering the situation. They didn’t have a chance to climb onto the roof. Nami asks how many CP9 agents are seen. Zoro tells her that he only sees Bluen. Sanji said that they probably wouldn’t be outside and on the roof, especially since they had Robin and Franky. Chopper says he has to hurry to catch up with Luffy and save his friends. A giant iron ball is thrown at the pirates, but is intercepted by Yokozuna. Franky’s family is amazed at Yokozuna’s strength. One of them also recognizes the ball as the same type of ball that defeated Gomora and asks who owns it. The three men who attacked them suddenly start running, much to Chopper’s confusion. Zoro states that chasing fleeing enemies is a waste of time. Sanji knocks one of them out, saying that he did it to confirm what type of enemy he was up against. The man Sanji knocked out was very large, with a spiked belt and spiked shoulder pads. Someone asked if he was part of another special unit, like a dog unit. Sanji tells them to be careful because there are probably more of them. Zambai tells them to hurry because the guards are on their way. Marine yells to corner them because they won’t be able to open the heavy door anyway. Zambai realizes that the door will be a problem. He turns around only to see to his stunned amazement that Zoro has already cut through the door. Zoro yells at them for wasting time and for going ahead. Mozu and Kiwi stopped Zambai and told him that they would now split up to pull the levers in each tower to lower the drawbridge. Zambai asks that only a few people stay with him so they can intervene in the courthouse.
The scene changes back to Spandam, who is seen in stunned disbelief while sweating profusely. The Marine on the other end of the line continues to tell him about the situation with the gate guardian giants. Oimo and Kashii joined the other side and are now fighting the pirates. The giants are currently rampaging in the square. The number of soldier casualties currently stands at over two thousand, at least half of which were taken by Luffy, who is currently missing. The Marines are looking for him right now. Spandam runs to the window as a voice tells him that this is the first time in the history of Enies Lobby that something so catastrophic has happened. Spandam looks out the window over the roof of the courthouse and sees Blueno and wonders why Blueno is there. Franky laughs and Spandam exclaims what is happening on the island.

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