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The chapter begins with Spandam calling Baskerville to Den Den Mushi and demanding a full report on the situation. The real Baskerville replies that the situation isn’t necessarily in the square, but inside the building, and says that the worst has happened. The stone door of the courthouse is cut open and pirates start pouring in. As they say this, they look at the marines and agents caught in the giant tornado caused by Zoro. Zoro says they don’t see many people there so they can continue. Zoro and the others then notice Baskerville. Baskerville states that they will take a moment to render a verdict. Nami realizes that the trial has begun. Ignoring the judge as they begin reciting the crimes, the Straw Hat Pirates and the Franky Family notice that there are two staircases leading up. The agents are shocked that the pirates have ignored the court process. Zoro charges through the wall of soldiers with Enbima Yonezu Oni ​​Giri. They then start moving, with Zoro and Sanji taking out more soldiers as they go. Nami, Sanji, and Chopper begin to climb one of the stairs. Sanji romantically tells Nami to follow him. Nami reminds him that they are here for Robin. Sanji’s romantic thoughts then turn to Robin. Zoro somehow starts running in the wrong direction. Nami is shocked when she specifically told him to take the stairs, not understanding how Zoro could have misinterpreted those instructions. Zoro runs back and joins Nami on the right stairs. Chopper and Sanji begin to make fun of Zoro’s poor sense of direction, with Chopper saying that he will try to make some medicine for hopelessness. Two members of the Franky Family are watching, wondering if Zoro will be okay.
Angered at being ignored, Baskerville decides to give everyone the death penalty and smashes part of the stairs with his greatsword. Zoro tells Nami and Chopper to continue and that he will follow once he deals with Baskerville. Before any of them can attack, Baskerville is pulled down the stairs by the Franky family, saying they will be his opponents and jokingly calling him Cerberus.
Up on the roof of the courthouse, Blueno watches as Luffy quickly rises from the ledge. He realizes that the revolving door Blueno made on his face has finally “closed”. Blueno tells Luffy that when a door opens, it must also close. He also praises Luffy for avoiding his Rankyaku. Luffy replies that it’s not that big of a deal, albeit unexpected, as Blueno disappears. Blueno then suddenly launches a kick but Luffy dodges it. Blueno then jumps into the air and attacks Luffy with Shigan. Luffy avoids it again with a series of backflips. Blueno then uses Sora and reappears behind Luffy to deliver Tekkai “Sai”, which the pirate also dodged. Luffy goes to attack with Gomu Gomu no Bullet, which Blueno counters with another Tekkai. The two then engage in a quick fistfight that ends with Blueno using a Rankyaku, which is thrown off course by Luffy kicking Blueno in the leg, destroying more walls around the perimeter of the building. Blueno is amazed at how perfectly Luffy can match his speed and how he was able to redirect his Rankyaku, saying that Luffy has incredible physical abilities. Luffy then says he’s not good and says he won’t be good if he stays the way he is. He explains that after being defeated by Aokiji, he started thinking about what would happen if they met more people as strong as Aokiji. He realized that he would have to be stronger to protect his friends. Luffy says he’ll have to be stronger than anyone else or he’ll lose all his friends. Blueno asks him what he will do. Straddling himself, Luffy told him that he had figured out a way to fight with all his might. Pumping his legs, Luffy starts releasing steam from his body and Blueno wonders what he’s doing. Luffy tells him that Blueno won’t be able to keep up with him anymore because all of his attacks will go up. The chapter ends with Luffy showing off this new technique of his, Gear 2.

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