Read One Piece Manga Chapter 389

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At the tower, everyone responds to Luffy’s call to Robin. Luffy hears his stomach growl and pulls out the meat he stuffed in his pockets and eats it to restore his strength after fighting the marines. Spandam notices Blueno being knocked out behind Luffy. Spandam, shocked that a Rokushiki expert and Devil Fruit user with a Douriki above 800 could be defeated by Luffy, panics a bit and orders his men to round up Lucci and the others, and also sends a message to Judge Baskerville not to leave the Straw Hats behind. lower the drawbridge or he will lose all three heads.
Distracted from them, Franky tries to talk to Robin about the rescue effort in an attempt to get her to change her mind about her situation. Spandam orders the pair brought to him while he heads straight for the Gate of Justice. Franky’s backside widened. Franky claims that he feels his life is coming to an end, so he decides to self-destruct and wants to take some of his men with him. In a state of panic, Spandam begs him to stop so he can live and all the men flee in panic. Franky grabs Robin by the legs and releases the pent-up gas in a “Coup de boo”, blasting the pair away from Spandam and his men.
Franky breaks the netting around the ledge, preventing Luffy from reaching them. He slightly overshoots the tower, but once the chains holding him break, he manages to pull him and Robin back inside. Luffy is happy to see Robin alive, he is surprised to see Franky as well. As Luffy prepares to hit Robin, Robin tells him to stop since she already told him that she refuses to return to the Straw Hats. She tells Luffy that she never asked them to save her and she is not happy that they are the way she wants to die. Upon hearing her answer, Spandam burst into laughter before Franky could react, Kaku knocked him aside.

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