Read One Piece Manga Chapter 390


Elsewhere, Yokozuna and some of the Franky Family block the door to the courtyard in an attempt to protect the others. Suddenly one of the Franky Family members is knocked down with him and attention is drawn as two of the Just Eleven judges have now arrived on the scene. In the right tower in the courtyard, Kiwi and the Franky Family members will be attacked by more jurors with her. Mozu and her friends are also attacked in the right courtyard of the tower. In the courtroom, Zambai is still dealing with Judge Baskerville, who takes turns saying that all of his men are doomed because the jurors are pirates on death row, and so they have never once found anyone innocent in the entire history of the Enies Lobby.
Upstairs in the courtroom, Zoro hears a noise elsewhere and decides to head upstairs by all other means. Nami comes face to face with two judges. He sends Chopper after them, but the jurors suddenly find the ground beneath their feet.
Yokozuna is knocked aside outside the courtroom door as the judges finally get him under control after several blows. With the giant frog down, the Franky family members begin to fight. When all seems lost, he comes back in the form of Galley-La members, Sogeking along with the giants Kashii and Oimo.
Back at the tower, Robin and Luffy are talking. The other members of CP9 question if they should go there and defeat the Straw Hat Pirates and they are done with it. Spandam tells them “no” while enjoying the sound of Robin rejecting Luffy’s rescue attempts. To Spandam’s shock, Luffy’s expression is anything but shocked at Robin’s response – Luffy just picks his nose and is indifferent.
As he speaks, a loud explosion occurs behind him and Nami and Chopper reappear landing after the judges fall behind her. Zoro then joins them, apparently being responsible for their sudden burst upwards. Sanji finally shows up, angry that he was here after Zoro. Behind them, Sogeking appears flying through the air after being thrown by the giants. He begs Robin to come back to them one more time. They stand together and wait for her answer.

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