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As the giants Kashii and Oimo discover that they have been used, they take it personally. However, since they’ve been guarding the gates for 50 years, the one thing they’ve become experts at is guarding the gates, and they demonstrate it on the people in front of them. With their duty handed down to them by the Sogeking now clear in front of their eyes, the two would not back down now. Paulie orders Tilestone and Peepley Lulu and all three leaders of the Galley-La Company to go help Zambai and the Franky Family.
On the roof, Luffy gets an explanation of what’s going on, while the crew stare at Robin, waiting for him to speak. CP9 are delighted to now have permission to act without holding back. Franky wonders how much of a burden Robin is carrying. Spandam’s only concern is his own life. It boasts the power it wields, deadly CP9 assassins, and a Golden Den Mushi that can summon a Buster Call.
Robin knows the term “Buster Call” and Spandam brags that Ohara, Robin’s hometown, disappeared from the map 20 years ago. Luffy remembers Robin’s words when she first appeared when she said she had nowhere to go back to. Robin begs him not to press the button, to which Spandam threatens to do so. Robin has certain thoughts in mind when she asks him if he really knows what would happen if he pressed the button.
Robin goes back in time, 20 years ago on Ohara Island. She sits alone reading a book while some boys call her a monster and one throws a rock at her. When Robin throws it back, they run to their mother, who in turn tells Robin off. Robin then sees the girl with her parents happily discussing their dinner plans. As he passes by the window, he sees a parent and child happily hugging inside the building. The child points at her and calls her a monster; the child’s mother soothes the child.
She comes home but her aunt Roji is not there. She finds a note explaining that today is her daughter’s birthday and that they are having a private celebration together. Robin is left with bread, marmalade and a to-do list. After completing her chores, Robin heads towards the Tree of Knowledge, where a surprise awaits her. When she walks in, her mentor Professor Clover and the others at the Tree of Knowledge surprise her with a celebration and the news that she has passed her archeology exam and is now a scholar.

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