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No order has yet been given for the Marine warships to open fire on Ohara. The citizens of Ohara panic even more when they spot warships approaching. In the Tree of Knowledge, the agents find the Poneglyph, to their amazement it stands unharmed despite a bomb being detonated around it. Elsewhere, Saul rushes forward, the people of Ohara rush past, trying to avoid the giant’s path.
The scholars hear their death sentence. Clover tells them to stop being so diplomatic. As Spandine orders Clover to be more polite, the talking Five Elders continue talking, Clover continues as well. Robin listens to the conversation from a distance, though he remembers the danger he’s leaving her in. The Elder Five state that the weapons will be revived if they continue their research, though they don’t intend to, Clover refuses. that the past is something humanity must accept and take action against. Getting the answer that it’s just an idealistic view, Clover continues to question why they’re denied the ability to start with idealistic ways.
Clover states that if messages were written on paper, the message would be lost, which is why Poneglyphs were engraved instead. They say that the ancient people who wrote it must have been defeated by an enemy who then lived in history. The World Government came out after the end of the Void Century and presented the theory that the World Government is the enemy of the Great Empire and the Poneglyphs have an uncomfortable history. It was only by reading various documents and poneglyphs that scholars learned about a land that no longer exists. When the people in the ancient kingdom knew they were going to be defeated, they carved Poneglyphs to let the world know what happened.
Clover then states the reason why the world government banished the Poneglyphs. While the ancient weapons are indeed powerful, a more dangerous force would be the truth of the Ancient Kingdom getting out. Before Clover could name the kingdom and clarify the details, the order to shoot him is given and Clover is shot.
Elsewhere, the humans finally meet on a ship leaving Ohara. Saul continues his search for Robin. Seeing Clover’s shot, Robin rushes to him, but Clover tells her that she should have run to safety. Meanwhile, Spandine presses a button on the Golden Den Den Mushi and summons a Buster Call. Attention is drawn to the Tree of Knowledge when it lights up. Spandine no longer bothers to kill them, choosing to leave instead. Scholars rush to the tree to save it from the fire.
As they go their separate ways, Spandine orders Olvia to take her with them. Instead of running away as everyone had hoped, Robin tearfully asks Olvie if she is her mother. Olvia refuses to accept that she is, with everything that has happened. After everything Robin has been through, she just wants to know if her mother has left her. Olvia denies having a child and lets Spandine think that Robin is just an odd child. Robin continues, Olvia tears up. Robin then admits to Spandina’s horror that he can read Poneglyphs.
Just then, a Buster Call hits the island.

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