One Piece Manga Chapter 40

One Piece Manga Chapter 40

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Luffy finishes his fight with Kuro and throws him at the rest of the Black Cat Pirates, forcing them to leave the island and never return. Usopp asks Kaya and the Usopp pirates to keep everything that happened that morning a secret so that the villagers can continue their peaceful lives without fear of the pirates. They all agree to keep everything a secret. The townspeople are surprised to notice that Usopp hasn’t come to tell the town his usual lies like he always does. Meanwhile, Kaya tends to Merry’s injury and reveals her vow to keep the battle a secret. Elsewhere, Usopp reveals that he has come to a decision: he will leave the village and become a pirate. In his preparation, Usopp disbands the Pirates.
Kuro falls to the ground and Luffy is still holding him. The Black Cat Pirates are stunned, Luffy did it and doesn’t understand how. They demand to know who it is. Luffy explains that he will never lose to a pirate who leaves the sea, and that a pirate only leaves his name when he dies. Luffy tells them that he will become the greatest pirate in the world. Luffy throws Kuro at the pirates and tells them to leave and never come back, and the crew all escape. Luffy collapses and Nami catches him. With the crew rushing away, Nami talks about the pirates.
In the forest, Zoro ties a scarf around his arm and walks away from the defeated Jango through the forest.
Elsewhere in the forest, Usopp is talking with his Usopp Pirates and Kaya. He asks them to keep the event a secret from the rest of the village even with everyone’s pleas, explaining that he is a liar, no one would believe them anyway. Usopp explains that there will be no more pirate attacks, that life must go on as usual without anyone worrying about the possibility of what might happen. They all promise to keep the event a secret for the rest of their lives.
Back at the village, seven hours pass and everyone notices that something is missing as Usopp hasn’t done his usual antics. Piiman, Ninjin, and Tamanegi return home and get scolded by their parents for one thing or another related to the events of Kuro’s plan. On the coast, Usopp thanks all the straw pirates. Back at the mansion, Kaya tends to Merry’s injuries and tells him about her promise.
Elsewhere, near the cliff, Usopp summons his Usopp Pirates and talks to them. Usopp declares that he will leave the island and become a real pirate, much to the shock of the others. He remembers the day he met them. He asks them to follow their dreams, and with a tearful farewell between all four members, the Usopp Pirates are declared extinct.

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