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The chapter begins with Luffy arriving in the room where Robin and Franky were being held. He realizes that they must have been there, but now they are gone. Then he calls Robin. He then gets angry at Rob Lucci, but remembers that he is heading for the Gate of Justice and runs off to find them.
Zoro talks to Kaku and tells him to hand over his key before he is killed. Kaku says that was a stupid order and tells Zoro that he regrets not being able to see his true abilities when they were at the Galley-La Company headquarters and his surprise that the pirates were able to make it this far. Zoro tells Kaku that he is several times stronger than the last time they fought. Kaku believes him and says that she senses a sinister, animalistic spirit in Zoro and that he is a terrifying man. He gets up and goes on to say that his swordsmanship is the best in CP9. Zoro comments that he uses a dual sword style fighting style. Kaku uses his swords as crutches to lift himself off the ground and launch a Rankyaku attack at Zoro, redirecting the swordsman to either side of him. The waves destroy the shelves behind and on either side of Zoro. Kaku then contradicts Zoro by saying that he is a user of the Four Sword Style, with his legs being the remaining two swords. Zoro tells him that it’s no problem as he remembers that Kaku’s entire body is a weapon.
Zoro then runs at Kaku and Kaku moves forward, intercepting the attack. The two then begin to match each other blow for blow. Zoro uses Nanajuni Pound Ho and Kaku uses Rankyaku “Hakurai”, both attacks collide and cause an explosion. Using the explosion as a distraction, Kaku lunges at Zoro using Sora. Zoro sheathes his sword and blocks Kaku’s attack. Kaku then gets bounced by Zoro, moving around the room, spinning but unharmed, staying on his feet. Zoro then lunges at him, which Kaku dodges at the last second by falling onto his back. Before hitting the floor, Kaku catches himself and turns his body to land on his knees. Kaku laughs and says the battle is fun. Zoro replies that he doesn’t have time for games. Kaku then jumps into the air and tells him to come and get him and launches the Rankyaku “Ran”. Zoro wonders how he can control his attack so easily. Outside the tower, you can see that part of the wall has been blown away. Zoro is then seen gasping for breath, dodging each attack and asking Kaku if he’s trying to make him look stupid. Kaku contradicts him again, saying that he is actually impressed. Kaku then tells Zoro that if he is in a hurry, he will show him his new ability.
The scene changes to Sogeking, who has just entered Jabra’s room. His first observation about the room is that there are too many trees in it, so he feels like he’s outside. He then rushes back to the task and retrieves the key to Robin’s handcuffs. Jabra is dozing with the key right in front of him. Sogeking starts tiptoeing towards the key, thinking that everything should be fine if he can quietly retrieve the key and quietly escape. He considers himself lucky to have avoided the fight. He then notices a rooster walking past Jabra. Sogeking wonders why such a loud bird appeared in front of him in this situation. Sogeking and the rooster stare at each other with growing tension, Sogeking mentally begging the rooster not to crow. The rooster then lets out a single soft crow, startling Sogeking so much that he can’t help but shout that roosters don’t crow like that. Jabra wakes up from his slumber just then and notices the pirate has finally arrived. Sogeking mentally cursed the rooster. Jabra picks up his key and asks if he should wreak havoc on Sogeking now. Jabra then punches Sogeking across the room, causing Sogeking to comment on how strong he is. Jabra then recognizes Sogeking as the one who shot the World Government flag, stating that his sniper abilities must be real. Sogeking is still on the ground, amazed at how strong Jabra was just after waking up. Jabra apologizes for suddenly attacking Sogeking and says it must have hurt. He tells Sogeking not to worry as torturing his opponent was not his style while transforming into a human wolf hybrid. Sogeking asks if he ate the devil fruit, and Jabra tells him that he ate Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Wolf. He tells Sogeking that he will simply cut his throat and that would be it, asking if Sogeking agrees that he doesn’t have to suffer before he dies. Jabra starts to attack Sogeking, but realizes that he doesn’t look up to fighting him and doesn’t look that strong. Sogeking says he’s up for it no matter what he came to save Robin. Small pieces of the ceiling begin to fall and Sogeking realizes that the floor above them is collapsing.
Zoro and the giant giraffe fall through the ceiling. The giraffe is revealed to be Kaku and shouts that he wanted to transform into a hybrid giraffe-human form, but accidentally transformed into full animal form. Sogeking is shocked and confused to see a giant talking giraffe, but Jabra laughs and tells Kaku that she loves his powers. Zoro sees Jabra and asks if they are at the zoo.

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