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The chapter opens with Jabra laughing at the Kaku devil fruit, the Ushi Ushi fruit, Model: Giraffe. She tells him that he will now be a giraffe man for the rest of his life. Kaku says he doesn’t care and that he likes it. Zoro remembers that Rob Lucci is able to turn into a leopard and is surprised that there are three people in CP9 who can turn into animals. Sogeking is hiding behind some rubble that breathes. He says he didn’t know Kaku was also a Zoan user, he said he got the two worst to fight. He’s thankful that Zoro fell through the floor with Kaku, because now Sogeking can make it look like they’re engaging in a two-on-two battle when Zoro is really doing all the work. Then he sees something on the wall. This is an open safe containing several pairs of handcuffs. Tired of listening to Kaku and Jabra argue, Zoro asks Kaku when he will be done. Zoro asks Kaku to dismember him as he is now.
This angers Kaku, who tells Zoro not to underestimate the giraffe’s destructive power as he transforms into his animal-human hybrid form. Zoro claims that the new form makes him look even more ridiculous. This angers Kaku even more. Jabra can’t stop laughing at Kaku’s new look. Zoro thinks about what he said so thoughtlessly. He tells himself not to lose focus or his swords will lose their sharpness. Jabra is still laughing uncontrollably and Kaku asks him how long he will be.
Suddenly, a couple of handcuffs fly out and one of them locks around Zoro’s right arm. Sogeking quickly apologizes and Zoro asks him what he’s doing. Sogeking explains that he thinks these are the Seastone handcuffs they’ve heard about before. He thought Kaku and Jabra would be weakened if they wore them. Zoro then questions why Sogeking put the handcuffs on him. Sogeking then says that Kaku’s face looked so funny that his hand slipped. Kaku tells them that she has had enough of their teasing. He then uses Rankyaku: Amanedachi. It starts spinning with its extended neck, creating a whirlwind effect. Zoro yells at Sogeking to get on the ground as they are pushed back. When the attack stops, Zoro realizes that the centrifugal force created by the power of Kaku’s huge giraffe body made his attacks sharper with a longer range. Sogeking is surprised that the attack didn’t break anything. Zoro tells him to look at the ceiling and Sogeking is surprised to see the sky. The Tower of Justice took a clean cut from Kaku’s attack, causing the top to shift to the right.
Jabra chastises Kaku for showing emotion during the fight. Kaku tells him to be quiet and says that he actually loves giraffes. Zoro says it still won’t be a threat to them. Then he hears the sound of something clicking into place. The open ring of cuffs on Zoro’s right hand had just closed around Sogeking’s left hand. Zoro yells at him and asks what he’s doing. Sogeking says it’s not his fault because Zoro lunged at him. Zoro claims that he only did this because Sogeking was moving away and told him to remove their handcuffs. Sogeking tells him that he doesn’t have the key, much to Zoro’s anger.
Kaku asks Jabra what the pirates are doing. Sogeking says that they are now in the same position as Nico Robin. One of the CP9 members has his key and has to fight him to get it. Jabra notes that his and Kaku’s goals are now linked. Kaku tells Jabra to sit back and relax as she can take care of both of them. Jabra gets angry and says that Kaku is stealing his loot. Kaku then asks if he would rather fight each other, to which Jabra says he wouldn’t. Kaku then tells Zoro and Sogeking to tell them the number on the thief’s handcuffs. Kaku explains that each pair of handcuffs and their corresponding keys have corresponding numbers.
If the number on their cuffs matches the Kaku or Jabra key, then they are immediately set free. Sogeking tells them their number is 2. Kaku and Jabra look at their key. None of the CP9 members have a matching key. Kaku notes how disappointing that was. Zoro is angry because they gave him hope for nothing. Sogeking realizes that means another member of CP9 has it. Jabra tells Kaku that the first to kill the pirates is the winner, and Kaku agrees. Zoro yells that he has to do something while Sogeking screams in terror.
Elsewhere, Chopper arrives at a staircase that is split down the middle. He says he is not surprised that something like this happened because of the explosion earlier. He then asks if the building will be okay. He hears a scream coming from a nearby room and rushes to see who it is. He sees Zoro and Sogeking running around while being chased by a wolf and a giraffe. Chopper comments on how fun it looks. Zoro then shows him the handcuffs and tells him to find the key with the number two. As he runs off to start looking for the key, Chopper has a flashback to what Zoro told him. Then he realizes that the cuffs and keys must also match by number. Zoro told Chopper that he was their only hope. The reason for the helicopter most likely to get the key would be Sanji now, and he runs off to find him.
Outside the tower, Luffy looks towards the Gates of Justice, wondering how to get there. At first he thought there would be a normal bridge for the road. He then sees two giant eddies and wonders if the ship could even make it to the gate. He realizes he’s running out of time, so he’ll have to try something to get to the gates. He then wonders if Robin has been there yet. Back at the tower, Nami is on floor 0 and having a hard time fighting Kumadori. She is restrained by his hair and has trouble getting out of it. However, he manages to break away just in time by taking off his jacket. Kumadori’s polearm would go through her jacket moments after she ran away and stab her through the heart. Frightened, he says that he is no match for him. Near the tower kitchen, Franky fights Fukurou. Fukurou asks Franky if he’s a normal person because his punches are abnormally strong.
Franky tells him that his fists are made of real steel. In Kalif’s room, Sanji yells at her and says that now is not the time for tea. He says he almost fell into her love trap. Caliph simply responds by telling him that he already had three cups of tea. Sanji tells her to be quiet and says he won’t fall into her trap again. Sanji then says that he remembers CP9 insulting Robin in the Sea Train and asks for the key. Kalifa says it’s too bad seeing he’s in a hurry and tells him to get the key. When Sanji asks where it is, Kalifa replies that she was wondering out loud where she hid the key on her body. He then tells Sanji that he will have to look for it. The chef is excited to hear this. While he is distracted, Kalifa takes the opportunity to kick him across the room. She then asks him if it was a bad omen. The chapter ends with a stunned Sanji realizing how stupid Falli was

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