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The chapter opens with Kumadori just hitting Chopper with his Life Return. Kumadori tells Chopper that he will show no mercy as long as he is angry. Chopper weighs the risks of eating a second Rumble Ball and calculates the odds that he has a one in seven chance of being able to use Arm Point. When Kumadori attacks him with another Shish Kebab, he eats a Rumble Ball. Chopper calls out his attack but realizes that he is not at arm point and that his body is at its limit. He has to make it to Arm Point as Kumadori rushes towards him.
By some miracle, he manages to get to Arm Point. Then he says he has to place everything on this next attack. Kumadori hits him with a Shigan, but Chopper trips his legs and holds on. He knows that if he backs off now, he won’t get another chance to attack. As Kumadori is about to attack him with Tekkai Go, Chopper hits him in the chest with Kokutei Roseo Metel. Kumadori is blasted, knocking him to his knees, hoof prints covering his chest. The chopper crashes. Kumadori comments on the beauty of Chopper’s attack. He then goes berserk and says he can’t hold back anymore and starts attacking Chopper. He kicks the weakened reindeer, who realizes that his strength is completely drained.
Chopper has a flashback. The wounded man is lying on the bed. Kureha asks him what he did and Chopper says he can’t remember. Kureha tells him that he won’t be able to get out of trouble just because he doesn’t remember, and says that he’s lucky they didn’t kill anyone. Everyone in the country is distraught over the night Chopper can’t remember, and Kureha asks him what he’s going to do about it. Kureha goes on to say that he almost destroyed the entire village. She tells him that she doesn’t mind if he likes to experiment like Hiriluk, but things need to be done after careful consideration. She then asks him why he had to inherit everything from Hiriluk, including the ability to scare people. Chopper apologizes to Kureh and promises to never do it again, and begs her not to kick him out of the castle. Kureha tells him not to be stupid and to rest because he can’t go shopping unless he recovers. Chopper snaps back to reality as Kureha says the last line.
Kumadori binds Chopper with Life Return: Kami Shibari. She then tells him not to cry because if he did, his manhood would cry too. Chopper realizes that Kumadori will kill him. Kumadori then recites a poem about cruel fate. Yana then uses Gin Jo on Chopper. At the last second, Chopper remembers that he has to save Robin and transforms from his large form to his normal, small form. He runs away from Kumadori’s tied hair and avoids being hit by the staff. Chopper eats the third Rumble Ball and says that if he dies, then he might as well and hope no one enters the room. Chopper transforms and is now several times larger than Kumadori. Chopper remembers what he said to Kure during the flashback. He ate three Rumble Balls, then passed out. Kureha interrupts, saying that it could be called a devil fruit gone mad, and tells him to never do that again. She tells him that his power can destroy friends and foes alike and is taking a toll on his body. As if he had become a real monster.
The scene changes to outside the courthouse where Franky is lying on the ground. Franky says his fight took longer than expected. He shrugs because he got Fukurou’s key, Key 4. He then remembers that Zoro and Sogeking needed Key 2 and Kumadori has Key 3. He reasons that Kalifa must be the one with Key 2.
The scene changes to a bath where Kalifa is playing with bubbles. Nami is lying next to a large hole in the wall and is having trouble getting up. Kalifa teases her, saying that she thought Nami didn’t have much time, or maybe she misheard. Nami tells Kalifa not to make fun of her because she won’t. Kalifa then invites Nami to come get her, saying that there is no need to wait since their battle started a long time ago. Nami tells her that she is stunned to see a Devil Fruit user bathing in front of an enemy, as she should be helpless with half of her body submerged in water. Kalifa asks if Nami is trying to point out a flaw in her defense and says that Nami is as helpless as she is. Kalifa then asks Nami to excuse her for a moment. She goes behind the screen to dry off and change. Nami asks what she did to her.
Caliph teasingly replies that solving this kind of mystery comes with the fun of fighting Devil Fruit users. Nami remembers how Sanji curled up and glowered as she realized she had to be careful or she would intervene unnecessarily. He then realizes that he is regaining his power. Nami tells Kalifa that she will show her the true power of her Clima-Tact and that she shouldn’t be dismissed simply as “cute”. He realizes he can move his legs again and gets up, uses Thunder Charge, creating a ball of electricity at the end of the staff, then uses Swing Arm, twists the staff at the joint and fires electricity at Kalifa.
Kalifa doesn’t seem to be hurt at all, though he comments on how awesome the weapon is. Nami then uses Thunder Ball and fires another ball of lightning, this time at the ceiling where the storm cloud has formed. Kalifa seems confused by the cloud and Nami tells her that she’s not lying around doing anything. The chapter ends with Nami releasing a cloud and calling it Thunderbolt Tempo, causing a large bolt of lightning to strike the ground near Kalifa.

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