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The chapter begins with the smoke clearing from Nami’s electric attack on Kalifa. Nami tells Kalifa that she is too confident. As the smoke clears, Nami sees an egg-shaped capsule where Kalifa was supposed to be. The capsule begins to dissolve, revealing the Caliph inside. She steps out of the capsule and says that she never thought she would be struck by lightning indoors. Nami asks what was protecting her from the lightning and why it dissipated. Kalifa tells her that if she doesn’t figure it out, she has no chance of winning. Nami compares Kalifa’s power to soap dissolving in water and wonders if Awa Awa no Mi turned her into a soap woman.
Califa, taken aback by Nami’s wild guess, tells her that even knowing her power is not enough for her to win. Nami realizes she guessed right and feels sorry for Kalifa. Calling herself “purity personified”, Kalifa is a soap woman who has eaten the Awa Awa no Mi, which can create bubbles from any part of her body. Kalifa’s beauty and soapy attitude startles Nami, so she thinks to herself how hot Kalifa looks and how happy she would be if Kalifa was her secretary. Then he catches himself and remembers that he is not a man. Nami asks Kalifa if she doesn’t like her new ability because she doesn’t find it useful in battle. Kalifa tells Nami that she can control the bubbles from her body however she wants.
He then uses the attack, Bubble Master. He takes the soap out of the tub and covers himself with it, leaving a large trail behind him. He calls it Soap Sheep. Nami asks her if she is an idiot. Caliph tells her that appearances can be deceiving. He then launches soap bubbles at Nami in an attack called Hitsuji-gumo Relax Hour.
Kalifa asks Nami why she thought she lost her power when she first entered the room. Nami realizes that it must be due to Kalifa’s ability as she remembers the floor being covered in bubbles. The bubbles collide with Nami, knocking her out. Nami realizes she is losing power as the bubbles drain it from her body. Kalifa then attacks Nami with the Rankyaku, removing the bubbles from her. Caliph tells her that her bubbles can remove anything from fortresses to stains. Nami tells her that she won’t forgive her and fires a thunderbolt from her Clima-Tact at her. Kalifa dodges the attack and reappears behind Nami, saying that only Nami’s weapon is still a mystery to her.
Nami then starts to rub her feet and gets soap on them. Nami tries to hit her, but Kalifa dodges with the help of Soru as Nami falls to the ground. Then he realizes he can’t get up. Looking at her feet, she realizes that they are completely smooth and soapy. Kalifa tells Nami that everything she touches is smooth and shiny like her feet.
The scene changes to Chopper’s battle with Kumadori. Kumadori attacks Chopper in his Monster Point from behind with Haru Gin Jou, but Chopper turns and knocks Kumadori to the floor. He tries to get up, but Chopper’s fist slams him into the ground again, punching him repeatedly. Meanwhile, Franky is on the balcony, weakened from his fight, trying to figure out how to get another Coke. Chopper then appears in front of Franky, dragging the unconscious Kumadori with him. Chopper then throws Kumadori over the balcony towards the other building. Franky then recognizes that the hat the monster in front of him was wearing is identical to the hat Chopper is wearing. He then asks the monster if it was Chopper. In response, the monster’s giant hand tries to crush Franky.
Back on the main island, the agents in the square look at Kumadori whose body just landed in front of them and wonder who could have done this. At the tower, Chopper is now outside climbing the tower. In the underwater passage, Spandam yells at Nico Robin for not keeping up with him. He yells at her, tells her not to stop, and orders Rob Lucci to pull her over and pull her by the hair if necessary. Robin looks back at the dark tunnel and thinks she just heard a voice. Lucci grabs her arm and tells her it’s her order to go. Spandam laughs at her and asks if she really expects her friends to save her. She tells Robin that the sound she heard earlier was just her imagination and that they couldn’t come here. Spandam tells her that they are approaching the Bridge of Hesitation, which stands in front of the Gates of Justice. When half of them cross the bridge, the other half get off and go through the Gates of Justice.
After that, Robin will never feel hope again. As they continue walking, they all hear someone calling out to Robin. Spandam panics and asks what was the voice he just heard. Robin smiles. Lucci tells Spandam to take Robin and move on. Luffy runs through the tunnel and sees double doors at the end. He notes that they don’t look steely this time. Luffy kicks down a door and is in some warehouse. He wonders where he is when Lucci greets him.

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