One Piece Manga Chapter 41

One Piece Manga Chapter 41

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As thanks for their help, Kaya and Merry give the crew a ship: the Going Merry. Usopp makes his luggage a pirate captain, but Luffy and the others suggest that he join them instead. After they leave, Merry tells Kaya about Usopp’s childhood through flashback.
After a fierce battle, Nami, Luffy and Zoro are seen eating at a local restaurant. Suddenly, Kaya walks in and asks if she can talk to them. Elsewhere, Usopp is sitting at home after packing his bag, declaring it’s time to leave his home, but he’s packed his bag with so many things that he can’t get out the door. After breaking the door, he rolls away. After rolling out of his house, he smiles and gathers his things again.
Elsewhere, Merry and Kaya show the Straw Pirates the ship they intend to give them, the Going Merry. Nami comments that it’s a caravel. Merry explains that he designed Merry and explains his rudder system, which Nami interrupts and tells him to just explain it to her. Kaya mentions that she stocked the Going Merry with essential food, for which Luffy thanks her, but Zoro talks him out of it (see chapter notes).
Everyone’s attention is drawn to Usopp rolling down the slope. Luffy and Zoro use their legs to stop it before it hits the ship. When Usopp says he’ll head out to sea and meet them one day, Luffy and Zoro tell him to shut up and board the ship with them as captain, which Luffy immediately states is his job.
Ninjin, Tamanegi and Piiman watch them leave, taking their former captain with them. They are happy that although Usopp has always lived alone, he is now surrounded by powerful people. Piiman suddenly has an idea.
Elsewhere, he also watches them leave, Merry and Kaya talking. Merry tells Kay about Usopp’s past. When Usopp was young, his father Yasopp left to become a pirate, leaving behind his wife and baby Usopp. His mother fell ill and the day before she died Usopp ran through the village calling out that the Pirates were coming, his father was coming back to take them away. She knew he was lying but she stated that she was proud to have married him and was happy that he had left to pursue his dream and believed that one day he would be as strong as his father. Usopp was crying and trying to stop her from talking like she was going to die.
After his mother’s death, Usopp was alone, but he kept calling out “the pirates are coming” even though he didn’t need to. Merry stated that Kaya must go on and be strong so she doesn’t suffer like he did, as repayment to him for saving her.
While the straw pirate crew celebrates the new member and the ship, in the village the three former Usopp pirates prepare. As they say “The Pirates Are Coming”, Kaya tells Merry that she wants to be a doctor one day.

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