Read One Piece Manga Chapter 411


Nami and Kalifa’s fight is interrupted by Chopper’s arrival at his Monster Point. Kalifa thinks Nami is a Zoan user because Chopper appeared where Kalifa thought Nami was. Kalifa uses Geppo on Chopper to no avail. Nami tries to get Chopper’s attention by asking what happened to him. Chopper sees Nami and then punches her. Nami jumps out of the way. Kalifa realizes that Chopper is not Nami in front of her. Chopper picks up Kalif’s bed and throws her over the railing. Nami realizes that the bed Chopper threw is heading straight for Sanji on the first floor. Chopper breaks through the wall and stands next to the railing.
Nami realizes she has to stop Chopper and Kalifa comments how the Straw Hats have a creepy pet. Nami ignores her and harasses Kalifa. Kalifa says she doesn’t care if Nami stops Chopper, but she has to stop her. He attacks Nami with a Rankyaku. Nami thinks she can’t dodge the attack because she’s slippery, but miraculously she does. Nami realizes that one of her legs is back to normal. It got wet earlier and Nami realizes how to counter Kalifa’s powers. She runs to the water from the bathtub pipe to soak her body, but Kalifa attacks her before she can reach him.
Kalifa tells Nami that there is no way he will allow her to do that. Kalifa then prepares to attack Nami with Hitsuji Gumo, Relax Awa. Nami tries to counter with her Clima-Tact, but her slippery hands drop it. Nami feels her power from Relax Awa diminish. Kalifa attacks Nami with Bending Shigan Whip.
Nami then thanks Kalifa for hitting her because the more she blows away, the more she blows off the soap. Nami then uses Cloud Tempo to create storm clouds. He splashes with the Cool Ball and then immediately uses the stick to block a kick from Kalifa. Nami then uses Cool Charge and then Mirage Tempo. Nami then tells Kalifa that she has come upon Kalifa’s ability and the only way to counter her power is to catch her off guard. Nami then uses Fata Morgana. While Kalifa is distracted, Nami attacks Kalifa with Thunder Ball.

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