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Fried from Nami’s attack, Caliph falls to his knees. Nami tells her that her “prediction” shows that Kalifa will be defeated by her next attack. Kalifa uses Sora to get behind Nami and kick her, but she is an illusion. He attacks the other three mirages to no avail. Nami creates a storm cloud on her Clima-Tact and says that the airflow from it will cause her heart to be struck by lightning. Kalifa reminds her that she was able to avoid shock before. Nami pointed out the weakness of her shield that she couldn’t move. Kalifa then uses Soap Sheep and attacks Nami with Hitsuji Gumo Tidal Wave.
Nami uses Cyclone Tempo to open the wave. Attacking the mirage. He then attacks the real Nami with Shigan. Nami then tells Kalifa that thunder will erupt from the cloud she created earlier, which it immediately does. Electricity goes through Kalifa’s heart as Nami predicted. Caliph falls to the ground, defeated.
The scene changes to Franky looking for Chopper. He climbs through the hole to the floor of Nami. Franky asks Nami about Chopper’s mysterious new form. Neither of them knows anything about it. Franky says she’ll just have to strangle him, causing Nami to hit him in the head. Franky then tells Nami that Kalif’s Key #2 is important. Nami quickly starts looking for it. Sogeking is suddenly seen crying. He and Zoro run from a monstrous helicopter. Sogeking (who is still held as a sword) says that it must be Chopper as he recognizes the hat and horns. Zoro notes that Chopper’s vitality is decreasing and concludes that his form is consuming more energy than normal.
Kaku asks Jabra what kind of monster it is. Jabra concludes that it interrupted the battle and is probably one of the Straw Hats. Kaku remembers that Buster Call is coming soon as well. The two then come to the conclusion that they will simply have to destroy all three pirates. Zoro tells Sogeking to straighten his back and uses the 36 Pound Cannon. Franky then yells at the two to get out of his way. Zoro protests Franky’s interference, but Franky simply tells him to shut up. He shoots Chopper with a Coup de Burst, intending to shoot him into the ocean. Chopper is blasted through the wall and into the ocean.
Sogeking is confused by this and tries to ask Franky what he thinks. Nami interrupts and says that Franky planned the whole thing. Franky then follows Chopper into the ocean. Kaku and Jabra then turn to face the pirates.
Nami gives the key to Zoro and now he and the Sogeking are freed. Zoro tells Kaku and Jabra not to laugh, but to regret, because the best chance they had of defeating them just vanished.

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