Read One Piece Manga Chapter 414


Nami asks Sanji how he got back to normal. Sanji tells her that the bathtub landed on him and he got wet. Sogeking apologizes to Sanji for not being able to handle Jabra. Sanji says he doesn’t care as long as Sogeking is okay. He then looks outside and sees the Gate of Justice opening. Spandam drags Robin up the stairs by her hair.
Luffy is still fighting Rob Lucci. Franky runs down the hall trying to catch up with Robin and Spandam. Chimney paints arrows on the walls so others can follow Robin. At the entrance to Enies Lobby, everyone is trying to escape. The Sea Train carriages are full, people even ride on the roof. Someone is calling for ships to be sent from distant islands. The leaders of Galley-La and the Franky Family also attempt to escape. They were freed by Paulie, who bound himself to fool the agents.
Back at the tower, Sanji tells Sogeking to leave Jabra’s key with him. He also tells Sogeking that if he gets there, he could definitely save Robin. Nami drags Sogeking away while Jabra uses Sora. He then uses Tekkai Kenpo Ookami Hajiki. Sanji is blasted into a wall. Sogeking suddenly understood what Sanji told him. She yells, which gets Jabra’s attention. Jabra decides he should kill them. But before he can do anything, Sanji kicks his head into the wall. Jabra tries to attack him with a Jusshigan, but Sanji easily dodges it. Sanji then attacks with the Troisième Hachis.
Jabra can counter a bit with Tekkai. Jabra then attacks Sanji with Rankyaku Koro. Sanji then attacks Jabra with a flurry of Basses Côtes, Longe, Tendron, Flanchet, Quasi, Queue, Cuisse, and Jarret. Sanji then runs up to him and uses Veau Shoot, which engulfs Jabra with Tekkai. Jabra then attacks Sanji with Rouga. Jabra then tells Sanji that he is the only member of CP9 who can move while using Tekkai. Sanji attacks him with Deuxième Hachis. Jabra then laughs and throws his key at Sanji’s feet. He tells Sanji that Robin is his long lost younger sister and he needs Sanji to save her. Sanji is surprised. He goes to pick up the key. Just as Jabra is about to attack him, Sanji kicks him in the chin and asks Jabra if he really thought he would fall for his lie.

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