Read One Piece Manga Chapter 416


Jabra lies unconscious on the ground. Sanji stands over him saying “God makes food and the devil makes spices” as his leg gets cold. Sanji looks at Jabra and admits that he may have gone overboard with the finishing move. He looks up and sees some debris falling and wonders if Zoro and Kaku are trying to completely break the tower. He sees the arrows that Chimney painted earlier and realizes that the others must have gone ahead and decides to do the same.
Meanwhile, Robin and Spandam reach the Bridge of Hesitation. The Gate of Justice is already opening and Spandam tells Robin that once they pass through it, he will be the hero of the world. The connecting bridge is being raised. Franky runs full speed down the hall, realizing that everything won’t make sense if he can’t make it with the keys. Out at sea, a marine announces that Buster Call will arrive at Enies Lobby in ten minutes. He then blows away the wall in front of Franky. It’s from Luffy’s battle with Rob Lucci. Franky asks if he needs help and Luffy tells him he’s fine and should go stop Robin.
Back in the tower, Zoro and Kaku fight together in full force. Zoro makes fun of him for being a herbivore, even though Kaku tells him he prefers meat. Zoro tells him that he doesn’t care and needs to end the fight quickly because he would lose anyway if he was late to save Robin. He then uses Nigiri Toro against Kaku and follows it up with Otoro. Kaku dodges both of them. Kaku uses Hirameki but is blocked and Zoro uses Samon to send two slashes at Kaku. Kaku sends Zoro hurtling towards the ground with Kamakirin. He then uses Tekkai Mushikaku and wraps his neck around his body.
Now he is incredibly stocky and stocky. He then uses the Rankyaku with his chubby arms and Zoro asks him how he’s going to fight like that. Kaku tells him that his attack has already begun. His attack bounces off the ceiling and rains down on Zoro, an attack he calls Kiri Shigure. Zoro is able to parry the first few blows, but is overpowered. Kaku minimizes collateral damage with Tekkai. After the rain stops, Kaku hits Zoro in the stomach with the Bigan. After teasing Kaku about being a giraffe again, Zoro tries to break his Tekkai with the Shishi Sonson, which Kaku deflects from Rankyaku Rodan. Kaku tells Zoro that it’s up to him if he wants to attack with Tekkai. Zoro calls Kaku a tough customer. Zoro then flexes his muscles and uses Nigori Zake, which Kaku counters with Bigan. Kaku is thrown back. Zoro comments on how arrogant it was of Kaku to think he wouldn’t fall. Kaku tells Zoro that he is just as arrogant.

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