Read One Piece Manga Chapter 417


After being knocked down by Zoro’s Nigori-Zake, Kaku became angry, claiming that he had yet to show his true Devil Fruit power. Kaku used his Kyoku Bigan “Kirimanjaro” and attacked Zoro, but Zoro dodged it. Kaku then uses Rankyaku “Neji Hakujin” and Zoro was able to block it.
Kaku prepared to use the Kirimanjar again, but pulled his neck in so quickly that his legs extended, surprising Zoro and himself. Then Kaku realized he could use this form in battle and named it Pasta Machine. Zoro got angry and said that this wasn’t the time to come up with names for his attacks. Kaku claimed to be very good at unexpected situations and then used Kirimanjaro. Zoro used Tatsu Maki to return the blow, so Kaku used Kirimanjaro and jumped high into the air. He then fell, attacking with his swords, Zoro tried to block it but Kaku’s power was too much.
Kaku then bombarded Zoro with continuous sword slashes while saying that he had several advantages: his four sword style, his Rokushiki, and his giraffe form. However, Zoro stopped the attack, saying that the advantages were not enough to defeat him.
Zoro counterattacked and used Hyokindama, Kaku tried to dodge it with Kami-e, but somehow Zoro slashed him and knocked Kaku to the ground. Kaku became enraged and attacked with Rankyaku: Shuriken. Zoro tried to block them, but Kaku’s attacks were too strong and the giraffe hit him in the stomach, knocking the Kirimanjaro pirate to the ground. Before Zoro could get up, Kaku hit him with Henchikirin and Mochikirin. After Zoro got up, Kaku used Gekirin; a great flurry of sword slashes and Rokushiki. Zoro tried to block them and ended up awakening a kind of dark aura inside him.
Kaku stopped. He thinks he saw the form of a demonic god with six arms and three faces. Deciding to end the battle, Kaku began spinning to release his most powerful Rankyaku “Amane Dachi”. Zoro saw this and activated his ultimate form: Kiki Kyutoryu: Ashura, gaining two additional faces and four extra arms, giving him the form of the demon god Kaku had seen earlier.
Kaku delivered his Amane Dachi. Zoro blocked it with his nine swords and then spread Kaku’s attack. Finally, Zoro charged against his opponent and Ashura: Ichibugin finished off the face.

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