Read One Piece Manga Chapter 419


Everyone outside is shocked that the gate of justice is opening completely. Paulie remembers Kokoro once telling him that the Gates of Justice will never fully open. The Franky family, the leaders of the Galley-La society, and the giants try to escape. Luffy talks to Lucci and says he left Robin with Franky. Lucci tells him that he underestimated the pirate because he didn’t think Luffy would be that powerful. Meanwhile, a Marine ship at the end of the Bridge of Reluctance is ready to take Robin to Marine HQ where she will be interrogated and executed. The commanding officer orders the men to stand and salute Spandam. Spandam sees it from afar. At this point, Robin is so resilient that Spandam has to drag her along with a rope.
Spandam tells her that he planted a bomb under the stairwell bridge, so anyone who tries to save her will set it off. Spandam tells her that he knows everything that happened twenty years ago on Ohara. She specifically mentions Saul’s rampage and her mother. He reveals that the man who told him was the same person in charge of the operation, his father Spandine. He also reveals that Spandine was the one who put the bounty on Robin’s head. Robin tearfully shouts that he is still alive.
The bridge then explodes where Spandam planted the bomb. The explosion knocks Franky into the water. Robin watches and realizes that he came to save her. Robin feels that she is on the verge of a breakdown. Just then, Spandam bursts into flames and is thrown forward over the waiting soldiers. Soldiers then start to fall and flames shoot out of them. They then look at the top of the Tower of Justice and see Sogeking. Zoro and Sanji watch from the ground as Sogeking hits Spandam with another fireball. Robin takes advantage of the men’s distraction and starts running. The Marines try to shoot her, but Franky appears and blocks the bullets. Sogeking then starts talking to Franky at Den Den Mushi. He tells Franky that he should see a bundle of red cloth near him. There are two keys that complete the set. Zoro tells Sanji that they should hurry because it will get worse.

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