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Franky and Robin secure a transport ship for their escape. Kokoro then jumps out of the water and screams for the people not to die. The Franky family, the leaders of Galley-La, and the giants arrive at the main gate. He then stops when he sees that the warships have already arrived. The Marines board the ship, but the vice admiral orders them to identify their unit, quarter, Marine code, and have photo ID. All the soldiers are thankful they didn’t die. The ship’s cannons, like all the cannons on board, aim at fleeing pirate associates. After securing the marines, the ships withdraw from the shore and begin bombarding the island.
Back on the ship at the bridge, Nami, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Chopper, Chimney and Gonbe are all on board in a state of shock. Kokoro called the near death state and wondered what caused it. Franky tells Kokoro that it was her. Zoro, Usopp and Sanji regain consciousness. After seeing Kokoro again, Zoro believes the legend of dugongs being mistaken for mermaids to be true. Usopp doesn’t believe mermaids have legs. Sanji denies the whole thing. Kokoro explained that mermaid tail fins split in two when they reach 30, allowing them to live on land. He tells them that he will see when they arrive at Fish-Man Island. Chopper wakes up.
Sanji sees Robin and tries to hug her, but Nami and Chopper get to her first and hug her so hard that she is actually pushed away, causing Sanji to crash head first into the ship’s mast. Chimney is surprised that her grandmother is a mermaid. Chopper then falls, stiff as a board. Zoro is on the bridge watching the attack on Enies Lobby. The whole place is on fire. Franky walks up and tells him about the order not to kill Robin. He figured that once the bombardment was complete, he would probably come back and try to take her in close combat.
They see smoke coming from near the bridge and realize that Luffy still has to fight. They conclude that his opponent is Rob Lucci. Usopp suggests a helping hand, but Zoro says it’s best not to get involved. There is a brief glimpse of Luffy fighting Lucci.
Franky Family and the others are still at the main gate. Paulie gets Den Den Mushi to hear news about the Straw Hats. Two cannonballs are then fired at the group. They get blasted and fall over the side. The building collapses all around Luffy and Luca. Luffy says he won’t stop using his power until Lucci is defeated. The chapter ends with Luffy activating Gear 2.

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