Read One Piece Manga Chapter 425


The Buster Call attack continues and Luffy’s fight with Rob Lucci rages on. The battleships report that all Marine Corps and World Government personnel are safely aboard. They also report twenty-five pirates at the main gate. He also reports that these pirates are all dead, much to everyone’s shock and horror, and that the only structure not destroyed was the Bridge of Hesitation. When Nami asks if people can die that easily, Robin replies that people can’t be seen on the map. He says that Buster Call wipes the island off the map without hesitation. Franky then yells at Luffy to hurry up.
Underground, Luffy fights Lucci after activating Gear 2. Luffy uses the Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol and blasts Lucci back. Lucci uses Shigan but Luffy dodges it. Both punch each other but both block each other’s punch. Luffy then hits a Goma Goma no Jet Bullet and hits Lucci in the stomach followed by another Jet Pistol. Lucci then tells Luffy that he will teach him the strongest Rokushiki technique. He clenches his fists and brings them to Luffy’s stomach. He uses a technique, the Rokuogan, to unleash a massive shockwave on Luffy’s body. Luffy compares it to Skypie’s Impact Dial, only with greatly amplified power. While Luffy is on the ground, Lucci uses Gaicho’s Rankyaku and causes an explosion. Chopper thinks it’s almost like Luffy knew who to fight from the beginning. A soldier reports to one of the vice admirals that they have spotted Luffy, and he orders all the ships to form a battle formation around the Bridge of Hesitation.

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