Read One Piece Manga Chapter 426


Luffy and Lucci face each other as the first half of the Bridge of Hesitation. The battleships report Lucci and Luffy fighting on the first prop. The ships then surround the rest of the Bridge of Hesitation. One of the marines aboard one of the ships wonders what kind of people the Straw Hats are, as Enies Lobby’s reputation has remained intact for 800 years. The Straw Hats then look over the first support of the bridge to see that the wall has collapsed, revealing Luffy and Lucci. Luffy looks up to see his friends cheering him on in his fight. Zoro then turns around and calls the whole ordeal a game of stamina. Lucci praises Luffy for being right about his friends being alive, but says it would be worth it to see if it’s still true in a few minutes. Two ships arrive on the bridge on either side.
All personnel above the rank of Lieutenant Commander are ordered to the front. Looking at all the officers, Zoro and Usopp realize that Sanji is gone. As they wonder where he is, the order to attack is given. The men jump off the ships and spill onto the bridge. Franky punches the man in the stomach, but he absorbs the blow by turning his body into balls. Zoro charges at another man who blocks his sword attack with his bare hands. Zoro then watches as Yubashiri turns to rust. Franky warns everyone that some of the attacking marines have Devil Fruit users among them. Robin uses her Clutch technique to take out several men at once, and Nami uses her lightning attacks to electrocute her opponents, while Kokoro and Chimney claim themselves as hostages.
Having procured a saber to replace his newly destroyed sword, Zoro tells everyone to hold on until Luffy arrives. Luffy and Lucci are still in a heated battle. Lucci notes that Luffy’s Gear 2 technique seems to be losing its power. Lucci tells Luffy that it is impossible for anyone to escape and that he will pursue Robin to the ends of the earth in the name of Absolute Justice. Luffy tells him that’s what they’re here to free her from. Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Jet Stamp, Lucci dodges Soru and then uses Rokuogan, knocking Luffy to the floor. Luffy doesn’t move. Sogeking sees his friend in danger when a marine tries to attack him. Zoro intercepts the marine and tells Sogeking to be careful. Sogeking then takes off his mask and calls out to Luffy.

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