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Garp tells Luffy that he’ll let him go because he’s his grandson, and uses that as an excuse to tell the marines. Bogard tells Garp that it would be better to lie and say he escaped. Luffy says goodbye and Garp punches him, saying he’s too casual for his grandfather, who he hasn’t seen in a while. Inside, Sanji and Robin discuss Luffy’s abnormal family. When Chopper asks where Luffy is, Zoro tells him that he is outside talking to Koby. Koby tells Luffy how he got to the Great Line through the Tranquil Belt because sea ships are equipped with a special type of mineral called Seastone that is spread across the bottom of the hull. It emits the same energy as the sea, so the Sea Kings ignore it. Nami is by the pool listening to the conversation using the Black Den Den Mushi. Chimney tells Nami to go swimming with her. Nami loudly tells her to be quiet as they were interrupting her wiretapping. Koby goes on to say that the brilliant Dr. is behind this technology. Vegapunk. Helmeppo adds that Vegapunk knows how Devil Fruits transfer their powers and even found a way to transfer their powers to objects. And only in recent years. Koby and Luffy remember the first time they met. Nami smiles and walks towards the pool.
Luffy is disappointed that Koby can’t stay longer and offers him some food. Koby tells him that he is Luffy’s enemy and can’t be too friendly with him. Koby then tells Luffy the name of the sea beyond the red line, in the other half of the Great Line, the New World, and the only one who made it to the end was the pirate king Gol D. Roger. Luffy tells him that the next time they meet, they will be stronger. Zoro comments on how Luffy makes the weirdest enemies. At the Galley-La company pool, Sanji announces that Mizu Mizu’s meat is grilled. Everyone starts eating. The Franky Family appears and Luffy invites them to eat. They are very happy to see how the barbecue is going. Sodom and Gomorrah are coming too. They are soon followed by the entire Galley-La company, including Iceburg. Franky, Mozu and Kiwi also appear. Paulie is upset with Nami for wearing such a revealing swimsuit, and Nami reminds him that they are at the pool.
Sogeking leads everyone in song and Luffy declares it a party. Everyone is celebrating and having a good time. On one side, Robin stands by the wall watching the festivities. Then she hears a voice telling her to listen. It’s Aokiji who asks her why she didn’t just run away this time. She tells him that she meant it when she said that this time things would be different, she couldn’t just watch her friends die. Aokiji tells her that Jaguar D. Saul was a good friend of his and he has an obligation to see how Robin’s life turns out out of respect for Saul’s wishes.
Aokiji asks Robin if she found the place where she truly belonged, and Robin tells him that she did. Aokiji then tells her to live on because Ohara still lives inside of her. Robin runs behind the wall to catch him, but he’s gone. Luffy then calls her out and gets her attention by showing how much meat he can stuff in his mouth. Robin tells him he is the greatest.
The scene changes to Mary Geois and one of the five elders is told that Shanks and Whitebeard have made contact. The chapter ends with Whitebeard allowing Shanks to come on his ship, saying he should bring some good alcohol with him.

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