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Franky is on Scrap Island and starts working on the ship. Iceburg arrives and asks if he can help. After asking to look at Franky’s design, Paulie, Tilestone, and Peepley Lulu arrive with their tools and offer their help, saying they will do anything to help the Straw Hats. Franky is affected and hides his emotions by preferring not to slow him down. At Franky House, Tamagon picks up a newspaper and says that the events at Enies Lobby are in it. Much to the surprise of the entire family, they are not mentioned in the report at all. They are relieved because now they don’t have to run from the World Government.
Back at Galley-La Headquarters, the Straw Hats wonder why Franky’s family is so excited. Sanji wonders if Garp used his influence to identify them all as innocent bystanders. Luffy disagrees as Nami and Chopper agree with him. Robin thinks it might have been Aokiji, but doesn’t say anything. Zoro adds that unlike the Franky Family, their actions are detailed and adds that their rewards will surely increase. Sanji and Chopper are excited, but Nami doesn’t understand why they are excited. Later, the crew tells Luffy that Franky is making a ship for them because he was asleep when Franky told the others, and Luffy is excited. Nami suggests taking time to restock and asks what happened to their Beli100,000,000. Luffy tells her that it was spent on all the food for the party they had. Nami gives Luffy three big bruises for being so casual and spending money. Luffy isn’t bothered because they are getting a new ship, while Nami was looking forward to buying new furniture for the ship. Robin tells her that they will have to stick with what they have.
The narrative says that it will take five days to complete the ship, which the crew uses to rest and resupply. Luffy and Chopper are seen eating Mizu Mizu’s meat on the Yagara Bull. Luffy thanks Chopper for buying him meat. Chopper says he got some money so he’ll spend the rest on medical books. Zoro is seen trying to buy a sword but is unsuccessful due to the small amount of money he has. Robin and Nami go clothes shopping and Robin suggests looking at furniture. Sanji leaves the market, dragging a large cart full of various foods and kegs of sake behind him. Usopp practices what he will say when he sees Luffy so he can return to the crew, going through the dialogue in different situations and taking notes on what works. Sanji sees him and wonders what he’s doing. Meanwhile, the new ship is getting off to a good start. On the third day, Log Pose locks onto another island. Kokoro asks if the crew knows what island they are going to next. Nami mentions that the needle is pointing down a bit.
Kokoro tells them that their next destination is the underwater world of Fish-Man Island. Sanji is abnormally excited while Nami looks uneasy about what happened in her village. Sanji then says that Fish-Man Island is one of the landmarks of the Grand Line, home to beautiful mermaids who swim gracefully in the sea. Kokoro looks at him and Sanji says that he can dare to dream and Kokoro tells him that the youngsters should be there too. Kokoro adds that getting to the island isn’t that easy, Robin mentions that the underwater part of it is a bit worrisome. Kokoro said it wasn’t a problem. He tells Nami to read the paper. Fourteen ships have disappeared in the last month. Kokoro tells them that they will have to go through the Florian Triangle to get there. More than a hundred ships a year disappear in this area, when they are found they are empty. Nami and Chopper are scared while Luffy is excited. Robin mentions that ghost ships are usually associated with treasure, causing Nami to suddenly become excited.
Just then, Mozu, Kiwi, and Chimney burst in with exciting news. Their new ship is ready. When they come out, the rest of the Franky Family is there, out of breath. Zambai tells them that new wanted posters have been printed and everyone has a reward. He spreads the posters on the ground at their feet. Everyone except Nami, Chopper, and Sanji look excited to see their new rewards. Sanji has never had his picture taken and the artist’s rendition looks nothing like him, Chopper is upset about his low reward, and Nami doesn’t like the reward. They also show them another poster, Franky’s. Zambai tells them that if Franky stays on the island, he will be in danger from the government and the Marines. Zambai then asks Luffy to take Franky with him and that he was the son of pirates.

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