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We’re still discussing the rewards from the previous chapter and each of the newest straw hats is complaining about their current situation: Chopper hates that he got such a low reward for his Enies Lobby actions, Nami thought to the photographer who took her picture. was from the newspaper and Sanji gets angry at the gruesome drawing that depicted his face. In Sanji’s case, the photographer explains to a Marine at Marine Corps HQ how his picture didn’t develop, only to be criticized for not removing the lens cap.
In Water 7 Strawberries discover the collapsed crew of Galley-La as well as a cloaked massive object. Luffy yells at Franky, but Iceburg wakes up instead and introduces the Straw Hats to their new ship, which he dubs the “King of All Beasts”. The sheet is removed to reveal a massive, lion-headed brigantine sloop, complete with various modifications requested by each of the crew. After taking the Straw Hats around, Iceburg explains that Franky would be best for their boatmen as they plan, but he’s too attached to the island to do anything about leaving. He suggests that the only way Franky could leave is for them to force him and give the crew an idea.
At the destroyed Franky House, Zambai tries to talk his boss into joining the Straw Hats on their journey, saying that he enjoyed being with them and working on their ship. Franky tries to deny it and stay in his house, even stating that he can fight the marines if they come for his new bounty. Suddenly, one of the family steals his underwear, and the rest are instructed to keep it away from their boss as best they can. Running across the water 7 with nothing on his bottom, Franky tries to retrieve his underwear, ignoring the chaotic screams and panic of the locals who see his penis. Eventually, the underwear ends up in the hands of Luffy, who he starts stalking, asking him how he feels about his new ship. The game begins to involve the rest of the Straw Hats until Franky is forced to use a cannon to launch to Scrap Island in pursuit.
When Franky arrives at Scrap Island, he sees his ship, for which the Strawmen thank him again and he accepts. But then Luffy makes him an offer: if he joins the crew, he’ll get his underwear back.

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