Read One Piece Manga Chapter 437


The scene opens with almost everyone in Water 7 on Scrap Island telling everyone to protect their eyes and Franky to put his panties back on (besides calling him a pervert). Franky demands his underwear from Luffy, but Luffy again tells him that if he wants them back, he will have to join his crew. Franky simply replies that he’s not going to leave Water 7 for something like that because “Even a naked man is great if he faces the waves like a lion.”
Robin then uses his powers to firmly grasp Franky’s genitals. Franky runs around in great pain while Mozu, Kiwi, Luffy and Chopper react in fear. Despite this, Franky refuses to comply.
Just as Franky begins to explain to the Straw Hats that even though he is grateful to them more than he himself can imagine, Iceburg reminds Franky of his words from childhood when he said that his “Dream Ship” wouldn’t be his dream ship just because. he built it based on his plans. He has to face many challenges that the sea has to offer, and when that day comes, he will become a boatman and ride this ship.
Back in the present, Franky says he’s changed his mind about what he wants to do, but Iceburg replies that what he’s doing on the island is simply compensating for what he wants. She tells him that Tom was taken away so that he could give Franky a new direction to go. He also reminds him of all the good things he did in Water 7, although Franky said he didn’t think the things he did. they were good. Iceburg then tells Franky that he forgives him for what he did, as does Tom, but tells him that he must forgive himself.
Franky then starts crying and yelling, “It hurts! It hurts!” Franky Family then apologizes for their hasty behavior. Franky shoos them away, saying that he’s deciding what to do with his life and that as a boss, he can’t follow the path his men have set for him. Zambai yells at him that they were the ones who helped them so he should deserve to be happy too. Franky then burst into tears and screamed again, “It hurts! It hurts!”
Everyone then tells Robin to stop hurting Franky. Franky, even with tears in her eyes, tells Robin that she will never forgive her for this. However, Luffy realizes that Robin is not the one to make him cry. Robin admitted that he caused the initial reaction, but says that Franky is now using it as an excuse to hide the real cause.
Then a flashback to when Zambai first met Franky, including the Square Sisters, and the Franky family was formed.
Suddenly, Zoro and Sanji run back to the ship and say that Luffy’s grandfather, Vice Admiral Garp, is coming. Confused at first, Luffy tosses Franky his underwear and tells him to hurry up and get on. Realizing that they will never be able to repair the ship without a proper boatman, the Franks agree to join their crew.
Franky then thinks about all the people he grew up with before saying goodbye to everyone.

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