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The chapter opens with the Straw Hats trying to escape Garp’s attack. Suddenly the ship lowers its sails. When Franky asked why, he said he had a plan, but not until they decided on a name. Even though it seems like an inopportune time, Franky says the ship can’t sail until it has the right name. Luffy then comes up with some random names that all just have animal names associated with “lion” as Usopp points out. Franky said he had an idea and goes back to when the ship was being built.
Iceburg, Paulie, Peepley Lulu, and Tilestone were looking at the lion’s head and commented that it was a very pretty sunflower, though Franky yelled at them telling them it was a lion’s head. Then Franky explained to them what he wanted the ship to be named on its maiden voyage; thus he would embody the wishes of the pirates who ride him. Iceburg came up with “The Sun” to which Franky shouted once more but Iceburg said if you were a pirate you would sail “A Thousand Seas” as “The Sun”, it’s perfect for the Straw Hats. Franky still thinks he’s wrong, but Iceburg then suggests the following name: A Thousand Sunnies!
Both Luffy and Chopper agreed that the name sounded cool, even cooler than “Dumpling-Gorilla-Lion” (Luffy’s other name idea), “Boss Lionel” (Zora’s idea), “Little Darkness” (Robin’s idea), and “Monsieur Sunflower “. ” (Sanji’s idea); everything that Usopp thought was terrible.
Robin commented that the name was awesome, but Franky was just his idea for a name; his idea for a middle name was New Battle Franky “Young Champion Lion”. Luffy liked the name Iceburg better and the whole crew agreed that the ship would be called the Thousand Sunny.
Now they just needed to get out of sight of the marines. Sanji and Zoro asked if the ship had a secret weapon, with Franky saying that it would use something known as “Water Escape”. Luffy yelled back at Garp (and Koby too) that it was good to see them again (Helmeppo felt left out). Garp was getting nervous and threw another cannonball, but Luffy knocked it out of the way. Luffy said that he really had to run and hoped to see each other again. Luffy then said goodbye to Iceburg and thanked him for the name before saying goodbye to everyone else.
Meanwhile, below deck, Franky was taking something from several barrels and declared that it was time to bring in the Big Cannon and Adam Wood!
However, Garp now had a huge cannonball and threw it at the Thousand Sunny. It looked like they were going to be crushed, but then a giant cannon shot out of the back of the ship and Franky used an attack known as “Coup de Bust” to shoot a thousand Sunny up into the sky and out of the way. cannonball. As they sailed through the sky, Franky said that he used Cola to make the ship fly into the sky, which their previous ship, the Going Merry, also did, adding that the Thousand Sunny would pick up the ship’s torch. The Straw Hats ran off, the marines pointed out, but Garp just laughed and said it was his grandson.
Meanwhile, back at Water 7, Oimo and Kashii were resting, saying they would wait for the sniper king (Sogeking) to return. They didn’t mind waiting because their lifespan is 300 years. Meanwhile, Paulie, Lulu, and Tilestone decide to head back to the shipyard and return to their old jobs, Kokoro, Chimney, and Gonbe head back to the Sea Train station, and the Franky family is offered a job at Galley-La by Iceburg. (who was now called the new bro/aniki Franky Family).
Meanwhile, on an island somewhere in the Grand Line, Smoker had just caught a pirate worth 50,000,000 Beli, though he didn’t find it that hard and just wished he could rest. Tashigi, who was now called Sergeant, came to him and told him that HQ had called and told him about their awards ceremony for the crocodile incident in Arabasta or so she thought. She was actually talking to a random Marine because she didn’t have her glasses on. Smoker didn’t seem to care, saying that what the Marines needed was blood; they need a group stronger than the straw hat pirates. Then he staked his pride to crush them in the “New World”!
Meanwhile in Arabasta, King Cobra, Igaram, Chaka and Pell have just heard about the incident at Enies Lobby. Everyone was surprised to hear that Luffy actually helped “Miss All-Sunday” (Nico Robin). They told Vivi that they expected her to be upset at the idea. However, it turns out that Vivi didn’t mind the story at all; she wasn’t even shocked. She just said that there was no way to know what was inside Luffy’s head.
Meanwhile on the Thousand Suns the Straw Hats celebrated; to the return of Usopp and Robin, a new crew member (Franky) and a new ship. They sipped their drinks together in joy, Luffy yelled “To Fish-Man Island!”

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