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The chapter begins in Baratie, where the chefs there have just learned of the Enies Lobby incident. Zeff shows Sanji’s reward to the others who immediately burst into laughter. They then start giving out wanted posters of their “ex-head chef” for free, bragging that Blackfoot Sanji grew up there to their customers.
The scene switches to Foosha Village where almost everyone is celebrating Luffy’s new high reward. However, the mayor of the village, Woop Slap, does not like Luffy’s latest actions one bit. Makino comments that their pet looks cute and that Luffy has made some good friends. Woop Slap calls them a pack of freaks and couldn’t believe they were at war with the World Government. Woop Slap grumbles and asks why Garp didn’t do anything to stop it. He goes on to say that all three generations of Luffy’s family are screwed up and wonders if Dadan knows anything about it.
The scene then switches to Syrup Village where Ninjin, Tamanegi and Piiman show Kaya Sogeking a wanted poster. Everyone immediately recognizes that it is indeed Usopp because of his long nose. Usopp’s pirates talk about how the mask looks cool and how no one else would believe it was really Usopp and how only they and Kaya know. Kaya leaves saying that if she wants to be a famous doctor so she can heal Usopp if he harms him when he returns, she will have to continue her studies. The Usopp pirates say that their captain is lucky and that he shouldn’t hurt Kay.
The scene then switches to Zoro’s Dojo in the village of Shimoshiki, where the students and apprentices question Zoro’s sensei Koushiro if he really taught Roronoa Zoro swordsmanship. He says yes, but tells him they shouldn’t follow in his footsteps. The students complain because they think Zoro is cool. Koushirou then thinks that he didn’t know why he attacked Enies Lobby, but he knows that he couldn’t stop Zoro if he tried. As long as he values ​​his skills as a swordsman, then he should continue to pursue his dream.
The scene then switches to Cocoyasi Village where everyone is commenting on how hot Nami is. Nojiko reminds them that it’s to show that the World Government is looking for her as she brings Genzo a bag of Mikana. Genzo had just protested at the local naval base for distributing Nami’s picture, saying it would attract more perverts than bounty hunters. Nojiko says it’s okay because the Straw Hat Pirates kept their promise (Genzo told Luffy that if he ever took away Nami’s smile, he would kill him). Genzo reluctantly agrees, though he still disapproves of the poster.
The scene then switches to the new Sakura Kingdom, where Dr. Kureha travels down the mountain to Lapahna. When she reaches the village at the bottom, she wants to see Dalton and ask why he called her down. He also asks why he is staying in the village when he is the king, he should be living in Drum Castle. He says he loves the village and likes living there, and then shows Dr. Kure’s new wanted posters, including the Chopper one. Dalton thinks they may have made a mistake with his reward, but Dr. Kureha is happy to see his face.
Meanwhile, on Baltigo Island, the Revolutionaries have just received word of their victory at Centaurea in South Blue. Then they move on to the issue of Straw Pirates. They seem to know that Luffy defeated the Crocodile and now after the Enies Lobby incident, they will be problematic for the World Government. One man, the apparent leader of the band, leaves for a moment. That person turned out to be none other than Monkey D. Dragon; the world’s most wanted man. He says that the day will soon come when he and Luffy come face to face.
The scene then flashes back to Banaro Island three days ago, where Portgas D. Ace finally caught up with Blackbeard. Blackbeard calls him Commander, but Ace tells him to save it. Blackbeard continues to act friendly, saying it’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other, but Ace reminds him that he killed one of his crew and that’s unforgivable. Blackbeard then offers Ace to join his crew, saying that they would be invincible if he joined. He then goes on to say that Whitebeard’s reign will end soon and their first step is Monkey D. Luffy. He suggests Ace go with him to kill Luffy (since he’s still in Water 7 at the time), but Ace says Luffy is his brother and flatly refuses to join his crew.
Suddenly a bullet goes through Ace; Van Augur just tried to shoot Ace. Ace uses Higan and quickly fires bullets at Van Augur. Suddenly, Jesus Burgess throws the whole house at Ace, but Ace uses Enkai, then Fire Pillar to burn him down. Blackbeard yells at Augur and Burgess, telling them that Ace is out of their league and should back off. But suddenly Ace uses Hiken to fire up Blackbeard. Blackbeard manages to survive the attack and gets up. He then confesses what he did to Thatch, the commander of the 4th Division of the Whitebeard Pirates. He says he had no choice because he had the devil fruit he was looking for. He examined the size and shape of the fruit and recognized it because he knew it was the right one. He then goes on to say that he spent decades on Whitebeard’s ship because he knew he had a better chance of finding her there. He waited there for too long before finally getting his hands on his “friend”. He said that getting the Devil Fruit was his destiny and he would be the greatest with it. His hand begins to dissolve into the darkness as he said that even for Logia this fruit is very strange. His entire body begins to glow in a black glow as he says it is “dark”.

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