Read One Piece Manga Chapter 442


Aboard the Thousand Sunny, Usopp and Luffy stuff the latest catch, a shark, into the ship’s aquarium. Franky, Robin and Sanji are sitting in a tank and witness a shark enter the tank. Usopp and Luffy rush in to find the tank now empty except for the shark, the others pointing out their mistake of not considering the food chain. As they argue about when to cook with Luffy, Nami comes out of the bath aboard the Sunny. Chopper rests in the medical room while Zoro guards the crow’s nest.
Zoro spots something floating in the sea and calls out to the others. It’s a barrel with “treasure” written on it. The crew nervously take it aboard to see what’s inside. Nami asks if there is any text written on it to the gods of the sea. Barrels are sometimes sent out to sea as a form of prayer for safe passage. They talk about opening it, but Usopp resists it, saying that it will be a curse and eventually Luffy will open it. When the barrel opens, something shoots into the air. The crew was startled, the barrel contained a flare. Robin caps it off as a Flash Bullet while Zoro makes fun of it as the curse that Usopp mentioned earlier.
The crew reacts to the news, Nami takes control of the situation and orders everyone to get ready – a storm is on the way and the ship is fleeing in a southeasterly direction. A storm hits as predicted, the ship is not doing well against a strong headwind until Franky releases Sunny’s Soldier Dock System, channel 0.
The storm crew enters a dark misty area of ​​the sea where it appears to be night the entire time. The crew entered the famous Florian Triangle in the Grand Line. Usopp reacts cowardly; he was the only one who hadn’t heard Kokoro’s story about the Triangle. Sanji lights up his face with a match to make him look scary as he retells the information Kokoro was talking about.
The crew hears a scary-sounding “Yohohoho…” song and a huge ghost ship appears, scaring everyone (except Robin). As the song continues, Usopp tells them not to listen or they will be cursed. Suddenly a figure is seen on board the ship – a skeleton is on board drinking tea. Sanji, Luffy, and Nami climb onto the ship, Luffy remarks that he could have gone alone, but the others didn’t want him to leave the crew cursed by his stupidity. On board, they meet a skeleton who introduces himself as Gentleman Skeleton Brook.
The skeleton greets them and then notices Nami, asks if he can see her underwear, and is knocked down for his perverted request. Luffy asks him if he can poop, Sanji doesn’t see the point in asking him. Sanji starts to ask about the current situation, but before he can answer, Luffy asks Brook to join his crew, to which Brook says “yes”.

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