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Nami, Usopp, and Chopper travel in a carriage provided by Hildon with bizarre riders to reach Dr. Hogback’s home. Hildon acts hospitable as he offers wine to the guests, while Usopp remains paranoid that more creatures like Cerberus will come after them. However, Chopper rejoices in the genius surgeon who, before his mysterious disappearance and Hildon’s confirmation that he is on the island, was praised as one of the greatest in the world. Nami is more intrigued by the denizens of the forest as she believes she sees a lion, only to see him with a grotesque male face.
As Nami tries to convince Usopp and Chopper of what she saw, the trio look around to see an entire forest, complete with trees, animals, and even ghosts at the party. However, on second glance, everything goes quiet and the trio doubts what they saw. Nami asks Hildon to stop the carriage after seeing such bizarre things, but the creature tells them that they only saw illusions in the forest. Although Nami wants to return to the coast to meet the rest of the crew, Chopper wants to continue on the Hogback. Usopp uses his own cowardly logic to convince Chopper that it’s not worth it, so he convinces Hildon to tell the carriages to stop.
Ten minutes after stopping, the trio realize that they have neither moved forward nor backward, but have been abandoned in the middle of a graveyard. With their fear growing, Usopp yells at Hildon, but he unknowingly flies away as the coachmen leave them as well. Before the trio can think too long about their predicament, they are horrified to see dead corpses rising from the ground: Nami, Usopp, and Chopper are left with an army of zombies! The trio are soon thrown from the carriage, fearing that it will bite them and turn into zombies themselves. Still, as the trio fight back, they soon discover how slightly abnormal the zombies are, watching them comically bounce around their heads and complaining when Usopp tries to use a fire attack to burn them. They had no choice but to run (due to their undead speed), eventually outrunning the zombies due to their lack of stamina.
The trio seem to question why the zombies are on the island, but soon find themselves in front of a massive building: Dr. Hogback’s mansion.

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