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The Cerberus creature is very excited around the Straw Hats and Zoro wonders why it is so energetic when it wants to deal with the creature using force. However, Luffy wants to try to tame it, and when Zoro expresses his doubts, Luffy reaches out to the creature. It suddenly lunges at him and bites his head, but Luffy calms it down and lets him go. However, he quickly retaliates by punching him in the face and knocking him unconscious. Robin says it’s strange that something so injured can still be alive, and Sanji wonders if it’s even alive. Luffy rides the tamed creature into the forest, calling for Nami, and Robin feels sorry for the creature, though Zoro tells her it hurts his pride. Suddenly, Luffy sees a tree with an old man’s face drinking with a unicorn, which confuses him. Franky captures the unicorn and he himself captures the tree and asks him to join his crew, much to Zoro and Sanji’s displeasure.
At Dr. Hogback’s mansion, Hogback recovers from his earlier commotion and asks Absalom what he has been doing. Absalom says that he has been looking for a bride and that Nami would be perfect for him. Hogback replies that he can’t have it because he has a bounty on his head, and Perona reveals that there are six people with bounties, with Luffy having one of Beli 300,000,000. captured the pirates, saying that Absalom would be busy tonight.
Inside the mansion, Usopp questions the possibility of an invisible man being there, and Nami says that Usopp must have noticed him while they were holding her, but Usopp denies seeing anything, lest Nami accuse him of seeing her naked. Usopp notes in disbelief at all the paranormal creatures they’ve seen, wondering how they could all be back from the dead when the skeleton already had the Devil Fruit to allow it. Usopp says that there must be a natural explanation for that, and Chopper replies that it must be why Dr. Hogback left his old life and came here. Nami questions this, but Chopper angrily says that he’s a great man and there’s no proof that he’s allied with the zombies. However, Nami is still suspicious. They return to the dining room, but Hogback and Cindry are gone. Hildon suddenly hears from the chandelier that they have already gone to bed, and Usopp gets angry at him for leaving them earlier in the graveyard. Hildon says he was just off with the horses, but Nami yells that he’s lying, claiming that everyone on this island is connected. Hildon scoffs at the idea and leads them to their rooms, but Nami and Usopp are suspicious of where he’s taking them, and Chopper wants to see Hogback again.
Suddenly, the portrait starts talking to Hildon, laughing at the Straw Hats’ distrust of him and wondering if they should be allowed to escape. Chopper is shocked that the image is talking when it suddenly jumps up and yells that it won’t let the pirates home, causing Chopper to scream in terror. Nami and Usopp are shocked when the portrait zombie pulls Chopper into his portrait, and the pig head hanging on the wall suddenly throws a sword at Usopp. The head introduces himself as Buhichuck, the boss of the zombie room, and says they won’t be able to leave. Suddenly, the bear rug screams in pain at Buhichuck’s sword stabbing him and rises from the ground, taking Nami and Usopp with him. Usopp screams in terror at the zombies in the room and jumps onto the chandelier as Nami lands back on the ground. The cameo zombies tell the bear to knock Usopp off the chandelier, but Usopp throws a candle under the carpet bear’s head, causing it to freak out as it desperately tries to put out the fire. One of the portraits screams into the fire in terror, yelling for it to be put out, and Usopp, now knowing the zombies’ weakness, throws candles at them as he prepares to escape with Nami and Chopper. They try to open the door when the zombies come for them, but realize it’s locked and hastily dodge a carpet bear attack. They desperately try to escape but are cornered by the fireplace when suddenly the back of the fireplace turns and they fall into another room.
The three find themselves in a corridor and on the other side the zombies are shocked that the pirates found the secret passage and are now in the corridor heading to Hogback’s lab. He tries to chase after them, but the door is blocked from the other side. However, Buhichuck tells them not to freak out because there are Surprise Zombies like them all over the mansion. Inside the corridor, the Straw Hats run as they are attacked by more portraits and manage to escape into a room. They are then surprised to see that the room has several portraits of Cindra on the walls.

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