Read One Piece Manga Chapter 453


In Peron’s “Wonder Garden”, the zombies are shocked and confused that Inuppe was able to defy their master’s order. He defeats several zombies to protect Nami, showing a power level on par with a zombie general. Inuppe states that “Love is a hurricane” in reference to his power, causing Nami, Usopp, and Chopper to notice his resemblance to Sanji. When the latter ask the zombies directly, they respond aggressively, though a distant voice quickly catches their attention. This is revealed as Absalom; he tries to stop the zombie Lola, who runs straight to the Straw Hats. When he spots Nami, he accuses her of being a thief and pulls out a giant ax to attack her. He tells a confused Nami that he won’t let her have “Ab-sama”, but before he can land a blow, Inuppe leaps forward and breaks the ax with a powerful kick. However, his efforts ultimately fail as Lola is enraged by his involvement and angrily throws him far away. Usopp and Chopper ask Inuppa why he didn’t attack and he replies that “Even if I die, I won’t kick a woman!!”. Usopp and Chopper applaud that Inuppe was able to deduce that Lola was a woman, but while Lola is busy, Absalom finds a chance to escape with Nami using his ability. Usopp initially thinks that Nami is flying, though Chopper quickly reminds him of the “Invisible Man” that appeared earlier on the Thousand Sunny. Nami also remembers him, and when Absalom finally introduces himself to her as her future husband, she attacks him with a ‘Thunder Charge’. This temporarily stops Absalom, but he quickly shakes it off and wonders if it is love. Lola, now even angrier and wielding two katanas, continues to chase the Straw Hats. As the other zombies gather to chase the fleeing pirates, Inuppe questions his inexplicable desire to protect Nami and is frustrated that his body cannot move as he would like. Absalom warns the “Wild” zombies not to harm Nami in any way, though they dismiss it as his usual perverted nature, reminding him that they are Peron’s underlings at the behest of Moria. Absalom lets out a loud roar that freezes them. He recognizes that they are under Peron’s authority, but warns the zombies that they should not anger him. Inuppe then confronts Absalom and claims that he will not allow him to pursue Nami. Absalom points his palm at Inuppe and suddenly a massive pressure wave completely blows him and all the zombies around him away. As the other zombies look on in horror, Inuppe appears incapacitated. Meanwhile, Lola is intensely pursuing the Straw Hats, though Usopp notices that she seems to be primarily interested in Nami. He suggests they break up, earning himself a slap.
On the General Zombies side, Franky and Robin find themselves trapped on the bridge between the zombies and Tararan. Franky is quite surprised to find Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro all trapped behind a giant spider zombie in the room. Tararan warns that the same thing will happen to the two of them as the zombies close behind them. Franky realizes that Tararan is behind the giant net that trapped Sunny, and the zombies proudly reveal that Peron’s “Ghost Network” is tracking their every move. Noticing how desperate their situation is, Franky asks Robin if he’ll trust him to get them out of this, to which he happily obliges. Using “Coup de Vent”, Franky destroys the bridge below them and Robin saves them by creating wings with his Devil Fruit. Franky is impressed with her ability to fly, though she notes that she can only do it for five seconds. Franky assures her that’s plenty of time as he uses the “Strong Right” to reach out and grab onto the door across from them. Robin lands safely and notes that all the zombies have fallen, though Franky is angry at her for using him as a springboard to jump to safety. Tararan warns them that he is a spider and may be back there in a moment, but their conversation is stopped when Brook is seen falling from the sky. He lands right in the pile of zombies that just fell off the bridge.

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