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The chapter begins after Brook slashes Tararan. Franky warns Brook that it will rise again, but he replies that he already dealt with it. After Tararan says he’s seen Brook somewhere before, a black substance starts to emerge from his body and flies away, much to the shock of Tararan’s subordinate and Franky. Brook describes it as a “zombie soul”. The subordinates then quickly run away and go to inform Moria. Brook tells Franky that the web is vulnerable to fire and Franky manages to free himself using his fire breathing powers. Franky is surprised that Brook knows so much about the island and tells him that Luffy, Zoro and Sanji have been kidnapped. Brook replies that it might be too late, which angers Franky. Brook then tells another “skull joke” which infuriates Franky even more and takes aim at him, prompting Robin to tell him not to shoot him because he’s already dead.
Brook then goes on about his past, saying that he tried to get out of the area, but his rudder was broken and he drifted on the Thriller Bark. He says he went to the island to look for parts to fix his rudder, but was captured and brought to the castle. There, he witnessed a man’s shadow being cut off and told another skull joke, causing Franky to hit him. He then goes on to say that the shadow was pushed into the corpse and it came to life. His shadow was then cut from him. He then proceeds to explain the shadows and reveals that Moria ate the Kage Kage no Mi. He explains that thanks to Hogback’s experiments, Moria is able to reanimate the corpses of others, as well as legendary warriors. Franky realizes that with the method he’s using, it doesn’t seem like he can actually bring the dead back, which Brook confirms, since the shadow used will always have the same personality and fighting style as the person it was stolen from. He then explains that the stronger a person is, the stronger the shadow is, explaining that Moria wants people with bounties because he wants stronger zombies. He goes on to explain that zombies are obedient and humans who are taken by the shadows are tossed about by the sea. Brook then tells Robin and Franky to listen to his plan, causing him to start twirling happily as it’s the first time he’s negotiated with someone in years. Robin asks him to continue and Brook explains his plan.
Back at the Mansion, the three commanders, Perona, Absalom and Hogback, arrive. Afterwards, Moria is officially introduced and states his former bounty and motto. Luffy is then revealed in a cage and calls Moria a leek and demands his friends back. Moria is shown to be oblivious to the Straw Hat Pirates, except for Luffy and Zoro. Nami, Usopp and Chopper are revealed to be hiding inside Kumashi. Hogback then asks about the three, but Perona says they never arrived. Kumashi tries to tell her that they are inside him, but is silenced. Absalom then becomes angry with Hogback when he realizes that he had to hurt Nami (whom he calls his bride). Cindry then replies that she will never come for him, prompting Hogback to try to silence her, but he says that the bride will never come for him either. Moria then tells everyone to be quiet and tells them that they are witnessing the birth of an exceptionally powerful zombie. Luffy tries to escape by eating through the bars, but is stopped by Perona. Moria then cuts Luffy’s shadow from him, causing Luffy to pass out.

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