Read One Piece Manga Chapter 456


The chapter begins with Franky asking why he should go back to the Thousand Sunny. Brook explains that Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji’s shadows were probably already captured, so they would be returned to their ship. Brook further explains that even if their shadows are taken, they won’t die, but will be unconscious for two days. Franky asks why they didn’t just kill them when they’re at the bottom, but Brook tells him that if the body dies, so does the shadow, so they’ll send them away and make sure they don’t get killed, as well as prevent them from getting back their shadows. Brook then tells them that if all of the Straw Hats’ shadows are taken, they will be sent away, so he rushes them to retrieve the shadows of Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji. He then reveals to them that salt is a zombie’s weakness because their power comes from devil fruit and salt has the power of the sea, so if they put it in a zombie’s mouth the shadow will return to their owner and leave. dead corpse Robin asks how he knows so much, and Brook tells her that his shadow was also captured five years ago and sent away. Fortunately, he woke up when he was sent back and returned to the island to reclaim his shadow, but failed. He then mentions that he needs his shadow to fulfill his promise to a friend. Just as he is about to leave to try to get his shadow back a second time, Franky stops him and asks him to tell them the part he missed.
Back at the mansion, Luffy’s shadow had just been pulled from him, and a scared Usopp, Nami, and Chopper watched Kumashi inside. While Luffy’s shadow is confused and struggling, Hogback mentions that he has been working on “Number 900” for several years and it will be the strongest zombie ever created. Absalom and Perona express their dreams, and Moria mentions that he drew with Kaida, one of the Four Emperors, in the New World. He then calls his subordinates to head to the freezer while Absalom orders the Spider Mice to place Luffy’s body on the ship. Before they begin, they give him the news that Captain Tararan has been defeated and his shadow has been drawn, causing Hogback to panic. Hogback explains that Brook was causing trouble and cleaning up all the zombies. Absalom and Perona both don’t know what he really looks like, and Absalom claims that he will have no problem passing the surveillance. However, Moria doesn’t seem concerned and tells them to do something about it and heads to the freezer. The Spider Mice then proceed to put Luffy back on the ship while Usopp, Nami, and Chopper stay inside the Kumashi, planning to take Luffy’s shadow back when they get the chance.
Back on the bridge, the General Zombies appear on the scene and are surprised that Tararan has been defeated. Franky and Robin run up the stairs and Franky cries. In Hogback’s lab, Brook meets his zombie and asks his shadow to return to him. At the headquarters, Moria and his subordinates proceed into the freezer and discover “Number 900” is a large giant named Vesla.

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