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Perona stabs Usopp with four of her Negative Hollows, expecting Usopp to lose all of his will to live. But unexpectedly, the Hollows became negative and lost to Usopp in terms of negativity. All the Wild Zombies are shocked by the result. He then realizes that Perona has also gone negative. Usopp then challenges everyone in the room to conquer him in terms of his negative thoughts.
Meanwhile, Franky, Sanji and Zoro outrun some wild zombies. They comment on how lucky they are that Usopp’s negativity has come in handy during times like this. Sanji then leaves to save Nami from becoming Absalom’s bride and flies down. Zoro and Franky continue their journey to the castle where Brook and Ryuma face off. Ryuma knocks Brook down and remarks that Brook is almost like a phoenix or a zombie since he shouldn’t be able to stand, then asks what he should cut with his special arrow slash. Kneeling in front of Ryuma, Brook tells him not to use that name as his crew praised and nicknamed him “Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri” his signature quick cutting technique as Brook’s shadow forgot his memories and feelings.
Ryuma then challenges Brook to use his real technique against Ryuma’s so-called fake sword techniques. Brook then stands up and draws his sword. Brook and Ryuma walk past each other saying Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri at the same time. However, Ryuma struck first and became the winner of the duel. As he falls, Brook has a vision of Laboon and his violin playing who just want to apologize to him. Ryuma goes and grabs Brook’s afro as he decides to cut it first. However, the island suddenly begins to shake, causing Ryuma to lose control of Brook’s afro.
Franky and Zoro finally find Brook in the lab. Franky goes and helps Brook. While helping Brook, Ryuma tries to attack them, but Zoro blocks Ryuma’s attack. Zoro recognizes Ryuma as an ancient “legendary samurai” who slayed a dragon, though Zoro is unsure if dragons exist or not, but admits that he always wanted to meet Ryuma. Brook asks Franky who exactly Zoro is, to which Franky replies that Zoro is a powerful pirate swordsman. He also asks Zoro to get his shadow back, but Zoro yells at him to shut up. Zoro then notices Ryuma’s sword, the Shusui, one of the twenty one great swords. Zoro is determined to get the sword because he lost one of his swords back in Enies Lobby.
In the cathedral on the first floor of the mast, Absalom is still trying to give Nami a final kiss, but still missing Nami due to the tremors of the Thriller Bark. They discover that Oars is moving the rudder without any permission and has accidentally crossed a strange sea current. Absalom then praises all the General Zombies to move out. The General Zombies try to attack the oars in an attempt to stop the oars, but are instead attacked and broken by the oars who try to use Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Gatling Gun. The oars scream furiously not to interrupt his adventure. Back at the cathedral, Absalom is informed that the General Zombies were defeated by the oars in an instant. Absalom is shocked by this news and declares that this is not possible because General Zombies are the ultimate zombie warriors.
Sanji is then seen running into the cathedral. In the cathedral, he yells at Nami and says he’s come to take her back. When he sees Nami, he is relieved to see that she is okay. Absalom then asks if Sanji is one of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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