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The sheer force of Ryuma’s thrust leaves Dr. Hogback a big hole as the zombie jokes that he provided some ventilation. Brook is amazed at the physical strength Ryuma possesses to attack with his sword. However, Ryuma notes that his clash with Zoro was a draw when a deep slash suddenly appeared above the door behind him. Franky is confused just as Zoro launched a counterattack and Brook replies that it was almost at the same time as Ryuma’s attack. Brook further explains that Zoro is also able to make his attacks “fly”, and assumes that the two warriors have a similar level of physical strength. Because of this, Brook doesn’t believe the fight will last too long.
Ryuma rushes at Zoro with “Prelude: Au Fer”, a series of punches that he recognizes as a weapon breaking technique. Zoro counters with “Nigiri: Hirameki-Magura”, two powerful attacks that force Ryuma to retreat and cause the wall around him to crumble. Ryuma puts Zoro back on the defensive with a flurry of punches before finally following up with “Gavotte Bond en Avant”. Zoro reacts in time with “Two Sword Style Iai: Rashomon”, leading to a clash where neither warrior seems to take any damage. However, the shock waves from the attacks cause one of the pillars supporting the lab to fall, and Franky realizes that this will completely destroy the floor. All three parties escape the collapsing room by force: Ryuma with “Polka Remise”, Zoro with “Two Sword Style: Nanajuni Pound Ho”, and Franky with “Weapons Left”. Zoro and Ryuma land on opposite sides of the tower’s roof, while Franky and Brook fall to another location under the corner of the roof.
Zoro and Ryuma continue their battle, engaging each other before jumping back to their respective sides of the roof. Zoro runs to the other side and fights the samurai again, but this time Ryuma overpowers him and causes him to lose his footing. Zoro uses the Sandai Kitetsu blade to stop the descent and runs back up to the top of the roof with Ryuma in pursuit. Zoro then jumps down and attacks the samurai again with a powerful downward strike. As the two swordsmen continue to duel, Brook wonders how they can continue such an intense battle with such a terrible position.
With a brief pause in the battle, Zoro muses that his katana may break if this continues – convinced that the samurai’s power is indeed the real deal. He sheathes the Sandai Kitetsu, now only wielding Wado Ichimonji. Taking advantage of the slight pauses, Ryuma sends a slash so powerful that it completely cuts off the roof of the tower. Brook and Franky show concern for Zoro’s safety, but it is revealed that he rammed his blade into the roof to hold himself without falling to his doom. Zoro runs to the top of the falling roof and jumps high into the air. As he descends, Zoro prepares “Hiryu: Kaen” while the samurai prepares “Hanauta Sanchou: Yahazu Giri”. In the final clash of the battle, Ryuma is sliced ​​through the stomach. As both warriors fall, Ryuma’s wound bursts into flames. Zoro crash lands on one of the windows and the samurai admits defeat. Ryuma expresses that Shusui was at the legendary swordsman’s side and that it would be the blade’s long-honored ambition for Zoro to be its master. Since Franky can’t hear the dialogue, he asks Brook what the samurai said. Brook confirms that the battle is now over and is convinced that Ryuma never really took him seriously in any of their fights. Zombie lets Shusui down to Zoro and expresses regret for allowing the great samurai’s body to suffer defeat. Zoro is pleased with the zombie’s sentiment and says that he wished he had met Ryuma when he was alive. As the zombie’s body is consumed by the flame, the shadow inside leaves and returns to Brook, much to his delight. Zoro is quite happy with his new blade and decides to pretend his fight with the zombies never happened.

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