Read One Piece Manga Chapter 470


Luffy chases Moria, the latter distracting him while Oars tries to destroy the Straw Hats. Elsewhere, the rest of the Straw Hats take to the oars. Oars continue to attack everyone with Gomu Gomu no Kama. Everyone is surprised that the zombie is able to use similar attacks as their captain. Chopper and Usopp are more shocked that Oars’ reach and power is so great that he doesn’t even need to stretch. Sanji hits Oars in the head with the Collier Clo, but he is immediately sent back. Franky notices the monster’s great speed despite its enormous size. Just as Oars is about to kill Sanji, Usopp stops him with his Firebird Star attack.
Oars jump to demolish the building Franky’s group was standing on. Zoro tries to attack Oars head but he dodges and sends Zoro flying with a kick, later caught by Robin with a hand net. Franky tries to shoot down the oars, but he doesn’t manage to hurt him either. As Oars reaches the platform where the Straw Hats have regrouped, Usopp and Chopper try to stop him, but their efforts prove futile. The oars destroy the platform they are standing on, leaving them all on the ground, barely conscious, muttering at Luffy and his power.

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