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As the straw pirates comment on their plan to take down the giant zombie, Oars pops into the courtyard and comments on how strong the pirates are. Declaring his intention to crush them, Oars leaps into the air again to descend with a new technique unique to him; Gomu Gomu no Shirimochi. The pirates dodged it and scattered as Usopp mentioned how ridiculous the technique was. Franky then calls out to Usopp and Chopper and announces that it’s time to use tactic fifteen. Combining via mecha-like transformation alongside Zoro and Sanji, they form Pirates Docking 6: “Big Emperor” with Franky as the main body, Chopper as the head, Usopp as the claw-like arm; and Zoro and Sanji as legs. They quickly realize that Robin hasn’t joined and try to convince her to “roll over” as well. However, she refuses because it is so embarrassing. Surprisingly, Oars also watched in awe and is equally disappointed that Robin didn’t join. Franky, Chopper, and Usopp are sent into a nearby rock while Zoro and Sanji quickly run to their opponent, shocked that they even joined and choose to forget completely.
Sanji kicked a large rock towards Oars, mentioning his need to end the fight quickly so he could save Nami, just to draw attention to himself. Zoro is then seen putting his swords into Franky’s Heavy Nunchuck and asking for permission to use them, and also asks Robin to hold one of the oars down as he escapes. Usopp, seeing an opportunity, quickly fired his Tokuyo Abura Boshi under the arm Oars was using for support, throwing the giant off balance. During this moment, Sanji blasts Zoro towards the oars at high speed with the Armée de L’Air Power Shoot, giving the swordsman a chance to land a direct hit on Oars’ left arm with the Dai Gekken. To further throw the giant off balance, Robin is able to hold his left arm with Cien Fleur: Big Tree, leaving the zombie standing on only one leg. Franky and Chopper emerge from the ground and are shown climbing Franky’s Franky Sky Walk. Noting that the stairs won’t last long, both pirates jump to Oars’ head and connect the Super Frapper Gong combo technique with his jaw. Chopper explains that a blow like that would have caused the brain in his skull to shake.
Stunned and off balance, Oars can’t defend himself as Sanji rushes towards him and rips his last leg off with a counter kick that flips the giant zombie over and knocks him down. Celebrating their success, the zombie soldiers struggle to fathom from afar the idea that anyone could take down the Oars, claiming that not even a thousand men could do it. Enraged by this turn of events, Oars vows to wreak vengeance on the offending pirates.
Finally, after Nami escapes Absalom with Lola’s help, she returns to the mansion to search for the treasure room. Remembering what Lola told her about Luffy’s zombie, she correctly deduces that his zombie must have been the giant one she saw in the freezer earlier. Aware of the danger, Nami is still determined to find the treasure so she doesn’t leave empty-handed, but upon finding the treasure room, she finds it unlocked and empty.
Back on the shores of the Thriller Bark, Perona is seen ordering several of her zombie underlings to fill the Thousand Sunny with treasure and supplies, planning to escape the danger now posed by the battle raging on the island. Commenting on how she had only joined Moria for fun, now that her life was in danger she hoped to get away as quickly as possible. At the dock, the zombies quickly notice the new arrival, who they notice looks like a bear. A mysterious new visitor asks where Moria is.

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