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The oars appear to be ready, but just as he begins to rejoice, he rises again. As the Straw Hats recover and start attacking the giant, Zoro tells the Rolling Pirates to quickly get out of their way. Robin uses Pierna Fleur to make several feet grow from the outer wall of the tower, allowing Brook to transport Luffy to the top of the Thriller Bark. Nami then uses Rain Tempo, completely drenched oars (with the Rolling Pirates figuring she’s some kind of wizard with her powers). Franky and Usopp then use the Super-Large Freezer Ultra-Cold Blast (fired from a locally made machine) to freeze Oars’ legs, which were previously soaked by Nami’s rain. Sanji and Chopper then hook the oars into the rudder chain.
Meanwhile, Luffy and Brook have arrived at the top of the mast and are preparing for one last attack. Chopper tells Zoro to stuff Oars’ stomach, which Zoro does with his Santoryu Ougi technique: Sanzen Sekai. Sanji then kicks the chain to raise the oars and straighten his spine. Chopper explains that normally the human spine is curved to absorb shock, but when it straightens, the spine shatters, allowing Oars to take the full brunt of the attack. Luffy tells Brook to throw it towards Oars and also tells a worried Brook that he’ll be fine since he’s made of rubber. Brook continues this as Luffy uses Gear 3 to inflate both arms and prepare his Gomu Gomu no Giant Bazooka. Oars tries to Gomu Gomu no Bazooka Luffy right back, but can’t use his right arm due to all the damage he’s accumulated so far. The oars failed to realize this because zombies don’t feel pain, proving Chopper’s point from earlier in the battle. Luffy’s “Giant Bazooka” shatters Oars’ spine, leaving Oars paralyzed, feeling no pain but also unable to move.

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