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Usopp, Nami, Chopper, and Franky all start to panic as the bodies of Zoro, Robin, Sanji, and Luffy (still shriveled from using Gear 3 earlier) begin to disintegrate, having been robbed of their shadows. Several members of the Rolling Pirates also panic as the bodies of a number of members begin to disintegrate along with Lola as well. Confused, Franky wonders why the bodies are disintegrating when Gecko Moria was defeated.
Meanwhile, somewhere on the Great Line, a pirate asks their captain to come aboard their ship, which the captain refuses because their bodies would disappear in the sunlight, their shadows taken by Moria 2 years ago. The pirate shouts to the captain that their shadows have returned, prompting a celebration. The pirate wonders if Moria has been defeated, but the captain says it’s impossible since Moria was fighting Kaida, one of the Four Emperors anyway. Pirates, marines, and civilians all over the world begin to notice that their shadows have returned to them, much to their happiness.
Back on the Thriller Bark, much to the relief of the other Straw Pirates, Zoro, Robin, Sanji, and Luffy’s unconscious bodies return to normal and their shadows return to them. Chopper also points out that the shadows of the Rolling Pirates have also returned. With Moria defeated and everyone’s shadows back in their original bodies, all the straw pirates begin to take a well-deserved rest.
Back at the castle, Absalom is awakened by Hogback, who calls him disgraceful for losing and informs him of Moria’s defeat. Back in the courtyard, Zoro asks Chopper if Luffy’s body was shrunk before, and Chopper tells him that Luffy’s body shrinks as a side effect of his Gear 3. Usopp begins to worry that Luffy’s new fighting style is too damaging to his body. if stronger enemies appeared in the future, he would have to continue using it. The old man who was met by the Straw Pirates in the graveyard, along with Lola and the Rolling Pirates, all express their gratitude for saving them and declare that they will never forget it. Zoro explains that they did what they did for their own reasons and that the others were saved as extras, only for Nami to scold him for the others offering to pay them back.
Suddenly, Nami begins to show signs of true terror and fear, having forgotten that another Warlord of the Sea was present in the Thriller Bark. When the other Straw Hats ask her what she is afraid of, it is revealed that Bartholomew Kuma is sitting on a building talking to someone at Den Den Mushi. The mysterious person shows confusion that another warrior was defeated once they found a replacement for the Crocodile. As Nami explains to the others that Kuma is a warrior of the sea, the mysterious person speaking to Kuma hopes that the defeated Moria will soon be able to remain a warrior, as the fact that another warrior was defeated would tarnish their reputation. The mysterious person, revealed to be a representative of the world government, also explains to Kumo that there should be no eyewitnesses to Moriia’s defeat and instructs him to assassinate everyone present in the Thriller Bark.
Usopp expresses concern that they are forced to engage another sea warrior right after defeating one, and Zoro tells him that he can handle it as Nami begins to explain that Kuma is a power user. Kuma teleports in front of the crowd, surprising everyone. While several members of the Rolling Pirates desperately try to attack him. Showing off his skills, Kuma fires a sort of cannon from his hand to knock the pirates back effortlessly. Teleporting right behind Zoro, Kuma identifies him and exclaims that he will be first.

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