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The chapter begins and continues with the flashback started in the previous chapter. That is 50 years ago. During a flashback, Brook was revealed to be 38 years old. Brook wakes up the entire crew and tells them to start today’s song. He announces that they will be singing Black Handkerchief of Happiness and asks everyone to sing along. As Brook sings, some of the pirates tell Brook to stop the noise in the morning while the others shout that they are awake. Yorki tells Brook to play “that song”. Brook accepts, commenting that it is the Captain’s favorite song. Suddenly a whale sings near the ship. One of the pirates asks if the whale is from the day before and then tells him to go find his pod. As the whale continues to sing, all the pirates marvel at the mammal’s cuteness.
At some point after that, the crew continued sailing as the sun set. One of the pirates asks the whale how long he will follow the crew, suggesting that the mother whale is worried about him. Another pirate gives Laboon some food while another asks when he named the whale.
Later, the Rumbar Pirates take on another group of pirates with a Jolly Roger panda head and a panda head figurine ship. Yorki’s crew fire cannons at the enemy ship and then prepare to engage them in battle. Some of the Rumbar Pirates fall overboard and call for help. Some other members report that there are injured men overboard. Yorki orders Brook to drop the saviors, deciding to save them later since they don’t have enough men at the moment. Brook comments that he can’t do anything because he can’t swim. Laboon saved the man overboard and Brook is glad the whale helped.
Later, after the fight was over, the crew decided to sing “that song”. Later, it is snowing and one of the pirates comments that it is cold. Later, when the pirates are on the island, they find the treasure and celebrate with Laboon. They decide to have a feast. Later, a giant Sea King bull appeared attacking the whale. The pirates shouted to protect Laboon. They fired a cannon at the monster, defeating it. Later, Yorki notes that Laboon is most attached to Brook. Launched with a platform to the sea level near Laboon, Afro Pirate comments that the reason is because Laboon loves music. Another pirate says that the reason for Laboon’s affection is that he and Brook have similarly shaped heads. Another pirate and Brook laugh.
The chapter cuts back to the present with Brook still singing to the piano and crying. The story then shifts back to a flashback.
Brook asks Yorki if there’s anything they can do, but the captain says he won’t listen to anything they say. He notes that they no longer have the power to protect him. He goes on to say that they cannot bring the child to the Grand Line. Brook is lowered to the surface of the sea again to talk to the whale. The pirate tells him they need to talk, but Laboon continues to sing. Brook tells him to stop for a moment and he tells him that it’s his crewmates but he’s a whale. The whale sings even louder despite Brook’s attempts to talk to him. The pirate continues by telling Laboon that the Grand Line is a dangerous ocean and that the whale is not yet mature and that there are brutal creatures there, much stronger than those in the West Blue. Laboon dives into the water while still singing, even as Brook tries to tell him to listen. Brook is picked back up and he reports to Yorki that Laboon is not listening to him. The captain suggests singing “that song” first, but Brook notes that this strategy would fail.
Later, Laboon is back near the ship, singing while being ignored. Yorki comments that it is painful, but orders her crew not to make eye contact with the whale. He also forbids music or singing until Laboon is separated from the ship. Laboon almost cries because he is ignored.
Later, one of the pirates mentions that the storm is so bad that they almost fall off the ship. Another pirate notices the lighthouse that marks the entrance to the Grand Line and alerts his crew. Yorki asks if Laboon is still around. The pirate replies that he hasn’t seen the whale in a week. The captain mentions that what they did was sad, but it was because of Laboon, and if he’s lucky, he can return to his pod. Yorki shouts and asks the crew if they are ready to enter the largest ocean in the world, which the crew confirms.
Later the crew entered the Grand Line and reached the Twin Capes. Lighthouse Keeper Crocus introduces himself, congratulates the crew on crossing Reverse Mountain, and welcomes them to the Pirate Graveyard. One of the pirates got angry at Crocus’s attitude. Yorki introduces himself as “Calico Yorki” as he is known in West Blue. He apologizes because their ship is damaged, so Crocus tells them they can stay as long as they want, but they must take care of the lighthouse keeper’s food and drink. Yorki accepts the offer. One of the pirates tells Crocus to celebrate with them at the feast they are planning. The lighthouse keeper asks the crew if the whale they brought is their pet, and the whole crew is surprised. They noticed Laboon sitting in the water.
Later, the crew sings and some pirates even dive to play with the whale. Yorki asks Brook to sing “that song”, and Afro Pirate replies that the captain really likes the song, to which Yorki replies that it’s a pirate song. As Laboon sings, Yorki mentions that Laboon likes the song too. Brook asks Crocus if he has a request, but he replies that he can play anything, and Brook says that being a pirate means singing.
The story shifts three months later, the crew is still at the Twin Capes with the ship repaired. Crocus is sad that the pirates are leaving, but Yorki says they’ve overstayed their welcome. Brook talks to Laboon and he tells the whale that he’s glad he finally got it. Brook explains that it will only be two to three years and that they will go straight across the ocean and arrive on the other side of the red line and then cross the wall again and come back. When the crew is all on the ship, Brook ends his speech by saying that they hope Laboon will wait for them, the whale will have grown a lot by then. Yorki then adds that at that time they will be able to go anywhere together. Mizuta Madaisuki tells Laboon to go on an adventure together since they are crewmates. As the whale sings, the pirates leave shouting, declaring that they will sail around the world and return.
The scene changes three years later in the Florian Triangle. The ship is badly damaged and abandoned, with only the skeleton of Brook walking around. He finds the skeleton of Mizuta Mawaritosuki with a sword in his skull and Brook remembers his late friend praising him for his quick kills and asking the Afro pirate to teach him his

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