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Brook stopped playing the piano, revealing the historical reason for the tone dial. He states that it was the final song of the Rumbar Pirates and that he has heard it so many times in the 50 years he has been alone. He looks at the Sound Dial and has a flashback to one of the Rumbar parties. Brook goes on to say that the song made him feel alive and it sealed itself in his head by raising the top of his skull, shocking Sanji and Usopp while stunning Luffy.
Brook says he’s overjoyed Laboon was still alive and says he now had a goal in life to deliver the sound dial to the whale. He shouted that he was glad to be alive. He then asks Luffy a question: if it would be okay if he could join the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy simply replies “sure”. This shocks Usopp, Sanji, Franky and Chopper, scares Nami, Robin laughs and Zoro is not unconscious. Nevertheless, the men of the crew welcomed their new musician, saying that he was interesting. While Robin seems to be enjoying the volume, Nami comments that the Straw Hats have gathered some strange crew members. Brook leans against the wall at a 45 degree angle, he calls it “45 degrees” which elicits laughter.
Brook has a memory of Laboon, he speaks quietly to Laboon that he will return and deliver the Tone Dial to Laboon.
In the Reverse Mountains, Laboon suddenly cried out in joy, making Crocus happy because Laboon was in such a good mood.
Back at Thriller Bark, Brook kneels down and shows everyone a poster with a reward for Brook himself Dead Bones. He reveals that he has a bounty of 33,000,000 Beli and that he was once the leader of a battle convoy in an unknown kingdom and later became the captain of the Rumbar Pirates. Brook then kneels before Luffy and swears his loyalty to him.
Two days later, Brook is in awe of Franky and Usopp’s craftsmanship as they make a tomb for the Rumbar Pirates. The Franks claim that the corpses of the Rumbar Pirates could not be taken aboard the Thousand Sunny, so they built a grave. Brook also reveals that the Thriller Bark came from the home seas of the Rumbar Pirates, and that maybe the fallen pirates could have peace of mind. As Brook plays some music in front of the grave, Zoro sits down next to him, digging his Yubashiri sword into the ground, saying that he is holding a small funeral for the dead katana. Brook tells Zoro that he has joined the crew. Zoro comments that Brook was unlucky and that the crew was diverse. Brook just laughs and says he would give anything.
The Straw Hat Pirates start to leave and say goodbye. Franky tells Lola that he repaired Brook’s boat so they can use it to sail. Lola asks Franky to marry her, but Franky says she’s too cool and wouldn’t be a good match. Luffy is excited at the prospect of a trip to Fish-Man Island, while Brook and Sanji have their own twisted opinions. One discovers that mermaids did not wear panties, but their beauty was even greater than that of a pirate empress named Hancock. Usopp questions how they knew so much, and it’s revealed that Lola’s pirates passed through Fish-Man Island because they were from the New World. Lola says her mother was a pirate. Remembering something, Lola tore a piece of paper and handed one half to Nami saying it was a Vivre card and gave it to Nami because they were like sisters. Apparently, Lola’s mother is a famous pirate in the New World, and Nami is recommended to take care of the Vivre Card.
Nami asks what a Vivre Card is. Lola tells her that they only worked in the New World and that it would never burn or get wet. Lola says that if you took your nail to a certain store, they would create a special paper. He goes on to say that you tear up the paper and give it to a special person. Lola places the Vivre card on the table and she pops up. He reveals the main point of the Vivre card, saying that it would allow you to meet that special someone. Lola says that if they ever had a problem, they could go to her mother for help.
Deep in thought, Luffy claims that he had a similar kind of paper and Nami agrees. In a flashback, Ace is seen saying that the newspaper would allow them to meet again. Luffy pulls the card out of his hat and notices that it is burning and shrinking. Lola then says that the paper was a representation of the person’s life. Luffy tells her it came from Ace and she says his life was slipping away by the minute.

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