Read One Piece Manga Chapter 492


The chapter begins with the Straw Hats discussing battle strategies to take down the flying fish riders. Usopp suggests using cannons to shoot them down while Camie and Pappag worry about Hatchan.
The scene shifts to the Flying Fish Riders base, where the Riders wonder why they were called back. Duval says it was because he wants the pirates alive. Duval then rants about why he hates a certain man, agreeing with all of his subordinates. He then calls for the Macro Pirates and they are introduced. Macro, the eel fish man, Tansui, the arowana fish man, and Gyaro, the Demekin goldfish man. Duval thanks them for capturing Hatchan as now the Straw Hat Pirates are coming. Duval is very pleased because the man he wants to kill is on that ship. When Hatchan, who is in a cage, hears this, he fears the worst because of his unfortunate past with them. He is worried about whether they captured Camie or not. Hatchan is afraid that the Straw Hats will cause him trouble. Finally the Straw Hats arrive at the Flying Fish Riders base. Duval is even more delighted when his subordinate reports the location of the man he is looking for.
In the Thousand Sunny, Camie sees Hatchan and starts screaming his name. The Straw Hats note that the base is very ominous and quiet. Hatchan covers himself in ink when he sees Camie and the Straw Hats, the Straw Hats recognize his voice but not his appearance, leading Sanji to ask him how Arlong has been, to which Hatchan reveals that Arlong and the rest of his crew have been captured. Marines, and that he managed to escape and achieve his dream of starting his own Takoyaki stand. The Straw Hats figure out that the enemy is all around them and start aiming. Luffy and Hatchan begin to calmly talk when Luffy suddenly realizes who he is. Luffy comments, “I knew it was you!” much to Hatchan’s surprise. Usopp then begins to explain Nami’s past to the other crew members and how the Arlong Pirates took over her hometown. Zoro and Nami begin to realize that he was Camie’s friend and many of them regret their promise to save him. Suddenly, Camie jumps out of the ship and screams to save Hatchan. The macro pirates that were underwater came and captured Camie. It is also revealed that all the flying fish riders are also underwater. Sanji is determined to at least save Camie when Nami says that Hatchan is innocent and that they should save him too since they promised to save him, while Sanji comments that he adores her forgiving self. Meanwhile, Luffy’s eyes turned into squid fritters at the thought of Hatchan’s squid fritters. Luffy then jumps into action and reveals his Devil Fruit powers as he jumps out of the ship and extends his arms to save Camie and Pappag. Luffy orders Zoro to cut the bars on Hatchan’s cage. Immediately after, the flying fish riders shout that it was a trap and the Straw Hats are completely surrounded. Duval orders an attack and the Straw Hats prepare for battle.

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