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Hatchan warns Camie and Pappago to go back, and Luffy eagerly anticipates the Macro Pirates’ impending attack. Flying Fish Riders emerge from the sea, but Luffy manages to catch one of them. Another rider drops bombs on the Thousand Sunny, but Sanji redirects them all with a blast of wind. When Luffy successfully kidnaps one of the flying fish, the rider orders everyone to dive, causing Luffy to be taken underwater. Chopper and Brook jump in to save him, causing Nami and Franky to have to save the three Devil Fruit users, who berate them for their stupidity.
When Camie and Pappag were left alone, the Macro Pirates tried to kidnap them again, but Zoro then cut Hatchan out of the cage. The macro pirates are about to attack Hatchan, but he sends them flying with a single three handed fist. Camie and Pappag hug Hatchan and thank him, and the flying fish rider tries to attack them, but Zoro defeats him. Zoro tells Hatchan’s group to leave it to the Straw Hats, and Hatchan apologizes for his actions against the swordsman in Arlong Park.
Usopp fires a cannon at the Flying Fish Riders, and Duval asks his men if any of them want to participate in the “Fight of Zero”, promising to reimburse them for their medical expenses. One rider accepts and rides his fish towards Sunny, swinging around the massive club for a kamikaze attack. The Straw Hats note that such an attack will destroy the Sunny, and Sanji tells Luffy to pull the fish out. Luffy stops the flying fish with Gomu Gomu no Fusen while Sanji kicks the rider in the face and Luffy knocks the fish unconscious onto Sunny’s deck to cook dinner later. However, many flying fish riders are still attacking in the sky, and Brook rises after recovering from his sea dive, intent on proving his worth to the crew. He leaps very high into the air and swings his sword over the violin, creating music that lulls the rider to sleep. Brook then runs across the water and slashes the Riders as they fall down. Luffy pulls himself up on the flying fish again, only to find both the fish and the rider asleep. The fish then crashes through the roof of Duval’s room and Luffy sees Duval’s face. Duval notices that Luffy has seen him and notes that Luffy probably knows who he is as he dons his mask and confronts the pirate.

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