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The Straw Hats enjoy a free meal from Hatchan, Camie and Pappag as thanks for saving their lives. Hatchan asks Nami what she thinks about the food, which creates an atmosphere of tension. Nami finds herself unforgiving of Hatchan for their past, but still assures him that she likes the food – much to the crew’s delight. The owners of Takoyaki 8 encourage the Straw Hats to eat their fill, which they happily oblige. Sanji is denied the opportunity to learn more about takoyaki sauce as the group is soon approached by Rosy Life Riders. Luffy doesn’t recognize Duval – which Sanji confirms has changed the bone structure of his face. Duval is extremely grateful to Sanji to the point where he now calls him “Young Master”, believing that his newfound appearance will mean a life of peace. As a way to return the favor, Duval offers to help the crew on their travels, knowing that the Straw Hats are new to the area. Sanji says that it’s enough for Duval if he doesn’t have any hard feelings, but the latter turns out to be sulking in the mirror rather than listening. After mistaking Sanji for calling him “handsome”, he makes eye contact with Nami as she wipes her mouth, thinking she’s giving him a kiss. After more antics with the Straw Hats over his appearance, Duval offers his Den Den Mushi to the crew and asks them to call if they ever need help. With one last apology for the trouble they’ve caused, Duval and the Rosy Life Riders set off, much to the crew’s relief. Brook notes that this was his first time having takoyaki, and he couldn’t be more pleased. He passes gas with no regard for his surroundings and Nami scolds him for his lack of manners. When the Takoyaki 8 crew can finally rest, Sanji invites them aboard the Thousand Sunny for tea.
The group discuss their potential journeys to Fish-Man Island, with Hatchan clarifying that only fish-men and merfolk are able to survive the pressure of such deep water. Pappag decides to enlighten them on their 2 options; however, only one of them is feasible for the crew since they are pirates. One way would be to climb the red line and go through the Holy Land of Mary Geoise, asking for permission from the world government. This would not be possible due to the reputation of the crew, but more importantly, the Thousand Sunny would need to be left behind in order to cross the red line. The idea makes Franky incredibly angry, to which Pappag comments that this is clearly the safer option. The alternative involves traveling on the ocean floor, which often results in attacks by Sea Kings ships. While Chopper and Usopp reconsider whether they really want to go to Fish-Man Island in light of this fact, Nami and Robin wonder how the ship can travel through the depths of the ocean. Camie and Hatchan explain that there is a small hole about ten thousand meters underwater in the Red Line, and this is where Fish-Man Island is located. In fact, it is basically directly below Mary Geoise. As Zoro notes that the Sky Islands were also about ten thousand meters in the opposite direction, Camie and Hatchan further explain that the ship must be “encased” in the island they are headed for in order to dive to such depths. As they talk about this, the crew marvels at their new location as they arrive at the Sabaody Archipelago.
Usopp immediately summons large bubbles that keep appearing and floating up, wondering if they are coming from the island itself. Camie confirms that she is, but Robin interrupts to ask about the status of their log position. Nami shares her concerns and wonders if they’ll change course now that they’ve stopped at the island. Hatchan assuages ​​their concerns, noting that the Sabaody Archipelago is just a huge stand of trees and therefore has no magnetic power. Hatchan goes on to explain mangrove trees, noting that Sabaoda trees are a special case because water never rises above their roots. The Sabaody Archipelago is a forest with the largest mangrove trees in the world, known as the Yarukiman Mangrove. Each tree forms its own “island”, of which there are a total of 79. The 79 islands together form an archipelago, and this is where people venture when they want to cross over to the New World. The crew arrives at Sabaoda at the “civilian” entrance of Grove 44, though Hatchan lets them sail further and dock at Grove 41. Pappag informs them that all the islands are connected by bridges, so if they remember their grove number, they won’t get lost. Usopp and Chopper ponder the potential of someone still going missing, much to Zoro’s annoyance.
When the crew finally stepped ashore, the bubbles immediately piqued Luffy’s interest; as he shows that he can stand on them. Pappag explains that the roots of the Yarukiman Mangrove tree secrete a special type of resin, and when the roots “breathe out” they expel this resin into bubbles that float up into the sky. Luffy climbs several bubbles high into the air and tells his crew that he sees an amusement park. Camie notes that this is Sabaody Park, and she’s always dreamed of riding the Ferris wheel. Chopper questions this and Pappag admonishes her for having such a thought, and the reindeer is a bit taken aback. Nami questions why they’re even here, and Hatchan reminds them that they need their ship covered by a resin mechanic. They could all be killed by the pressure of the ocean if the job isn’t done right, so Hatchan assures them that he can take them to a mechanic he would trust with his life. In exchange, however, Hatchan makes the crew promise not to meddle in the affairs of the world’s nobles at any cost.

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